Why should addiction treatment include family therapy for alcoholism?

When someone becomes the victim of addiction, it not only impacts the person but the entire family. Modern psychological studies have emphasized on providing help to people struggling with addiction through family therapy. This is because their families have also experienced distress in response to the suffering of their loved ones. An addiction in the…

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How do anxiety treatment programs help cope with pandemic anxiety?

When the first COVID-19 case was reported in December 2019, people considered it to be another seasonal condition. However, with the virus spreading its reach to every continent leading to governments imposing short- and long-term lockdowns, people started feeling scared of the virus. Gradually, as the COVID-19 scare emerged as a pandemic, restrictions became stricter,…

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Does relapsing signify failure? How effective is a relapse prevention therapy?

Sometimes you have to take a step behind to emerge stronger. Similarly, weaning off drugs and attaining long-term recovery is an uphill task. It is a life-transforming process. But people have to brace for relapses while trudging on the path to sobriety. It is wrong for people to consider relapse as a sign of failure….

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How mental health rehabs can obliterate scars offering help against domestic violence in India

As in other parts of the world, domestic violence in India is also a harsh reality leaving chores of women wounded with indelible psychological scars. Domestic abuse, physical or mental, can be so scary at times that it overturns the life of a woman. There are regular cases of people experiencing abuse which is much…

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Athena sets the benchmark with its luxury rehabs in India

People want to overcome their addiction. This was proven by the conclusions drawn from the Global Drug Survey, which polled Indians for the first time. It was found that Indians wanted to reduce their alcohol intake as compared to other nationalities. As per the survey conducted online during October to December 2018, 51 percent Indians…

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