Wake Therapy: An Effective Treatment for Depression

Depression affects more people than we care to admit and with the cases increasing exponentially, it becomes necessary to explore more options to treat this mental disorder. Keeping this in mind, neuropsychiatrists have come up with a novel theory called Wake Therapy. Wake therapy involves long hauls of sleep deprivation or wakefulness to improve depression…

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What is Dual Diagnosis and Why is it important to Address it Early?

Mental illness and substance abuse individually have devastating effects on patients and their loved ones. And, when these two problems merge, the devastating outcome is termed as dual diagnosis. According to the MedlinePlus, people with substance use disorders have two times higher risk of developing anxiety or depression. This suggests a large overlap between mental…

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High job stress increases risk of mental disorders in professionals

Long working hours, the pressure to meet the hovering deadlines, and the necessity of managing both the home and the workspace are the basic requirements of any job in the current times. As a result, individuals tend to work for over 60 hours a week against the ideal 40-45 hours a week bringing a lot…

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