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Anxiety Treatment Programs and Mindfulness Intervention can Reduce Social Anxiety

A recent study of 2017 stated that one out of every seven Indians suffered from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc. Young adults have anxiety issues in their everyday lives. The reason why more and more young adults are facing such issues is delayed acceptance. Experts are saying that this is a global trend. In another recent study conducted in 2018 by the Duke of Cambridge and Mind Launch Online, 48 percent workers encountered a mental health problem, one of which was social anxiety disorder. Rather than letting the mental disorder reduce one’s quality of life, it is better to seek the necessary help in time. Fortunately, psychiatric rehabilitation centers in India are providing effective treatment plans for such disorders. 

The global nature of anxiety has many scientists and researchers working towards finding better therapeutic interventions. One such attempt was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Psychiatry in July 2021. The results of the clinical trial published stated that cognitive-behavioral group therapy (CBT), as a part of anxiety treatment programs and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), can provide effective long-term results to patients dealing with social anxiety disorders. For the study, the researchers involved the brain networks responsible for cognition and attention. 

Both CBT and MBSR are effective modalities to treat social anxiety disorder

The research was conducted by Philippe R Goldin, University of California Davis (UC Davis), and his colleagues. The team of researchers engaged a total of 108 unmediated adults suffering from social anxiety disorder. Their mean age of 32.7 years. Of these, 56 percent were women, 43.5 percent were white, 38.9 percent were Asian, 9.3 percent were Latin, 1 percent were Black, 1 percent were Native American, and 6.5 percent identified as more than one race.

After randomly assigning these patients to cognitive behavioral group therapy (CBGT), MBSR, or waitlist, 31 patients received CBGT, and 32 received MBSR for 12 weeks. The remaining 32 were kept on the waitlist. 

The results showed a significant decrease in negative emotions. This meant that both CBGT and MBSR were effective treatment protocols for patients suffering from social anxiety disorder. Both these techniques enhanced the reappraisal and acceptance of emotion regulation strategies in patients.

Getting the Much-Needed Help with Anxiety Treatment Programs  

People facing social anxiety usually feel restricted in their professional and personal lives. If treatment is not provided in time, they may never learn to feel comfortable in a social setting with other people. Once the symptoms get severe, they manifest in undesirable ways. Today, credible mental rehabilitation centers are providing psychotherapy, medications, and other treatment interventions to treat patients battling social anxiety.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the major components of anxiety treatment programs. It is the backbone of social anxiety treatment. When merged with mindful intervention techniques, it delivers the best results to patients. Timely treatment has significantly improved the quality of life. There is nothing to be shy about and suffer silently when help is available with multiple anxiety treatment rehab centers in India

The road to recovery for social anxiety 

At Athena, we offer customized treatment modalities. Our treatment starts with a timely diagnosis where our team of specialized doctors conducts different examinations to identify various causes for social anxiety. It is followed by a physical examination that helps diagnose other symptoms of the patient. Once these assessments are completed, a treatment plan, comprising medications and psychotherapy, is devised. A vital part of our psychotherapy, CBT is offered individually or in groups, as required. 

Being driven to provide the best mental health treatment in India, we guarantee reliable and effective treatment for patients with social anxiety. Reach out to us on our 24/7 helpline-9289086193 or chat online with our representative to know more about our social anxiety treatment programs and further guidance.