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Athena Behavioral Health
India’s Most Respected Treatment Center

Athena Behavioral Health is an internationally acclaimed center of excellence (CoE) known for its innovative approach towards the treatment of behavioral and mental health conditions.

More than 5000 patients have benefitted from our clinical expertise, customized yet evidence-based treatment plan, personal support and service, luxurious accommodation, well curated indoor and outdoor recreational areas, and high confidentiality. Our calm and serene environment conducive to recovery promotes healing even for the most complicated cases.

ABH has proved its mettle in just three years of its existence with more than four secluded, secure and extremely private CoEs in Gurgaon and NCR. With a patient base that includes 12 nationalities, we have truly earned the title of India’s most respected rehab center.

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Athena is India’s leading provider of world-class Mental Health Services, with India’s best Psychiatrist and Psychologist.


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Our Psychiatrist

Dr. Ashish Kumar Mittal

(AIIMS - Delhi)
Medical Director

Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee

Dr. Rahul Rai

Group Center Head
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Rahul Gupta

Center Head - Athena BHS
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. N.Prakash

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Eshani Pandey

Senior Resident Doctor
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Nitish Verma

Senior Resident Doctor
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Vikas Patel

Consultant Psychiatrist


All of us have questions and we would be more than happy to answer all of them. However, based on our experience with patients, we have curated a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. We constantly update this list to ensure that our patients can have complete peace of mind before enrolling in our treatment center.

Athena follow an evidence-based, quantifiable matrix approach. Our experts conduct a psychological assessment of patients seeking admission and on the basis of the assessment, the duration of treatment is derived that may last for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Yes. We do offer short duration treatment courses. In fact, we also offer treatment programs that can be completed in day care or as outpatient treatment options, especially for our local patient base.

Athena Behavioral Health employs full time psychiatrists, RCI-licensed clinical psychologists and round the clock nurses that follow evidence-based treatment plans curated based on individual patient’s symptoms and history of ailment. Athena ensures that the patient’s family is sent regular updates on the progress of the treatment and also involves them in family therapy sessions along with the patient as treatment is incomplete without involvement of the family.

Yes, we offer complementary stay for the attendants for the first 3 days of admission so that the family understands the methodology of our treatment closely.

Yes. We do provide a tour of the facility. Our qualified medical representative conducts the tour for all proposed patients adhering to strict COVID-19 protocol.

The charges of the treatment at Athena are based on the room type opted by the patient to stay. However, the treatment of the patient does not differ basis the room type selected, it’s just the amenities for stay that differ. The difference in room occupancy is only to make treatment affordable for everyone.

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