Panic Disorder Treatment Center in Delhi, NCR, India

Panic disorder is characterized by sudden episodes of intense fear. Disorder or attack occurs even when there is no danger. The sense of fear and its episodes also accompany a few physical symptoms.

In most cases, people with panic attacks experience moderate to severe chest pain and breathing shortness. However, some people also have palpitations and abdominal distress. In most cases, panic attacks and anxiety disorders take place in early adulthood or late teens.

The good news is that Athena Behavioral Health, a reputable mental health clinic in Delhi, NCR, India, offers Panic Disorder Treatment Center services.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Signs and symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders vary among individuals. Nevertheless, people often have the following:

I have experienced repeated and sudden panic attacks, accompanied by overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety

Fear of death or a sense of losing control during a panic attack episode

There is a deep concern about the upcoming panic attack episode.

There is a desire to stay away from or be afraid of locations where anxiety and panic attacks have previously occurred.

Some individuals going through anxiety or panic disorder have physical symptoms. These include pounding and chills, nausea, sweating, difficulty breathing, stomach pain, chest pain, numb hands and legs, weakness, and dizziness.

Each symptom discussed here may even indicate some other health issues. Hence, patients and their family members must work responsibly and get immediate help from their nearby mental hospital. Luckily, there are many trustworthy hospitals that provide panic disorder treatment centers in Delhi, NCR, India.

Why Do Panic Attacks and Severe Anxiety Disorders Occur?

Until now, no one has known the underlying cause of this moderate-to-severe mental illness. However, the following factors have been supported by evidence and observation:

Stress-sensitive temperaments, as well as those prone to various negative emotions,

Genetic factors

Certain changes occur in the normal functioning of the human brain.

Panic attacks take place suddenly and initially without any warning. However, they often trigger over time based on certain situations. Research studies have revealed that the natural fight/flight response of one’s human body to danger leads to panic attacks.

Other than that, panic disorders often develop due to various risk factors, as follows:

When an individual has a family history of panic disorder,

Serious illness or death of any loved one, along with other significant life-related stress factors, can cause significant distress.

Serious accidents, sexual assaults, and related traumatic events are common.

Significant life changes, such as divorce or the birth of a new baby, can occur.

Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks or smoking cigarettes can lead to

If an individual has a history of sexual or physical abuse during his childhood,

Panic Disorder Treatment Center in Delhi, NCR, India provides treatments.

Mental health clinics, like Athena Behavioral Health, recommend medications, psychotherapy, or a combination of both treatments to cure panic attacks.

However, the duration of each course at the Panic Disorder Treatment Center in Delhi, NCR, India, depends solely on the patient’s severe mental illness and his response to the treatment.

Psychotherapy for Panic Disorder Treatment Center Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR, India

As the name implies, psychotherapy for Panic Disorder Treatment Centre in Gurgaon, India, takes place in a reputable psychiatric hospital in India. It mainly acts as talk therapy to let the patients identify their perceptions and behaviors.

Accordingly, they get guidance from experts to change perceptions and behaviors gradually. In most cases, individuals undergo the following psychotherapy techniques:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Abbreviated as CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy at the Panic Disorder Treatment Center in Gurgaon, India, lets patients discuss their emotions and thoughts with mental health experts or psychologists. As a result, the specialists will assist you in identifying the triggers of panic attacks.

Accordingly, one can change reactions, behaviors, and perceptions. Once you start responding positively to triggers, you will experience a relatively small number of attacks, and gradually the triggers will stop.

Exposure Therapy in Rehab Centers

The Panic Disorder Treatment Center in Gurgaon offers exposure therapy. India, organized in rehab centers or mental health centers, exposes patients repeatedly and gradually to the reality or imagination that triggers their panic attacks.

With time, the victims become comfortable with the underlying situation instead of experiencing panic episodes. Furthermore, your mental health clinic will assist you in learning certain relaxation techniques, including a few breathing exercises, to help you manage your anxiety throughout the process.

The best thing about the Athena Behavioral Health mental hospital is that it follows a therapeutic approach to help people with anxiety and panic disorder problems.Accordingly, the therapists at the Panic Disorder Treatment Center in Gurgaon, India, work with their patients like coaches.

They provide ample learning opportunities and provide thorough guidance. Victims, therefore, interpret the current situation appropriately and gain enough confidence to cope with everything that triggers their fears and disorders.

Prescribed Medications for Panic Attacks and Anxiety Treatments

Healthcare providers for mental asylums in New Delhi, such as Athena Behavioral Health, may prescribe medications to treat panic attacks and anxiety in the following categories:

  • Antidepressants, such as SSRIs and SNRIs, are used to manage panic disorder symptoms.
  • Benzodiazepines serve as sedatives and anti-anxiety medications.
  • Beta-blockers for controlling tremors, sweating, and a rapid heart rate

Activities to Deal with Panic Disorder Episodes

Even though you get timely treatment for your panic disorder by searching for a mental hospital near me, you must learn the activities to control it.

Because panic attacks are a severe mental illness, medications require some time to work properly. In this situation, you must maintain your composure and engage in the following activities to prevent things from spiraling out of control:

  • Avoid fighting it and stay in your position.
  • Focus on relaxing, positive, and peaceful images.
  • Memorize frequently that the triggering elements are not life-threatening.
  • Remember the complications that come with your panic disorder.

Ways to Support Oneself or Others in Case of Panic Disorder Attacks

Educate Oneself with Adequate Information

Seeking information or educating oneself with adequate information is an excellent way to help someone struggling with panic disorders or attacks.

We recommend that you learn about the warning signs and symptoms, as well as the available treatment options. If possible, you should keep yourself updated with the latest studies and statistics available online.

Honest Conversation with Trustworthy People

If you or your family members regularly experience symptoms of panic disorder, you must have an honest conversation with trustworthy people (family members or friends).

In contrast, if you identify anyone with panic disorder, dedicate some time to express your concern and provide them with the required support.


Panic disorder and panic attacks may occur at any phase of a human’s life. Moreover, if an individual leaves it untreated, they have a relatively high risk of suicidal ideation. Furthermore, the patients may experience impaired social functions, which also reduces their quality of life.

Someone can’t prevent this mental illness’s negative effects. Luckily, there are mental hospitals, like Athena Behavioral Health, that help patients overcome their fear feelings and panic episodes with the right treatment and therapy techniques.

If any members of your family experience panic attacks or any related symptoms, please contact the experts at Athena Behavioral Health (email id and phone number +91 9289086193. immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panic disorders and attacks are treatable through a combination of therapies and medications. Medications include antidepressants and beta-blockers, while therapies include CBT and exposure therapy.

Yes, panic disorder can be treated effectively in a mental hospital. Hence, one can lead a normal life with it.

Panic disorders, if left untreated, may lead to further complications, followed by the risks related to suicidal ideations.

Stress for long periods of time, overbreathing, and activities that lead to intense physical reactions are all triggers of panic attacks.

Athena Behavioral Health has many qualified psychologists to calmly deal with panic attacks. With friendly behavior and proper guidance, patients may cope with their conditions.