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Combat Substance Abuse with an Indian Rehab Center

A February 2019 report on substance use in India by the ministry of social justice and empowerment revealed that 5.2% of Indians or more than 57 million people are the victims of harmful alcohol use. There are an estimated 8.5 lakh people in India who inject drugs (PWID). The report also says that over 1.08% of people in the age group of 10-75 year-olds are users of sedatives. Considering the rising dependence on illicit substances, the government seeks to launch global best practices to replace the outdated one-size-fits-all system so that there is an end to this addiction quandary.

Health is a prominent matter for the government and it has mulled several steps to bring on improvement. The report has also mentioned that there is a wide treatment gap in India. Therefore, the government announces to spend considerable amount of money in all Integrated Rehabilitation Centres for Addicts (IRCA) to provide indoor treatment facilities to the patients.

At the same time, the government is also supporting rehabilitation centers in India to fight alcoholism and substance (drug) abuse. The government has also realized that the capacities of ICRA service providers are not adequate to combat the existing situation in the country. This is hindering the provision of long-term outpatient treatment and follow-up procedures.

The problem of substance abuse is widespread. It’s important to bring about a change in how people look at it and how treatment interventions can make a difference.

Even Indians living overseas have an alcohol problem. The 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that lifetime use of banned substances among American Indians and Alaska Natives aged 12 and older was 54%. Close to 23% of them (IA/AN) aged 12 and older used illegal drugs during the previous one year, said the report.

This brings up the topic of treatment, showing the need to invest more in de-addiction and treatment facilities to control drug abuse. Addiction makes people vulnerable. They lose complete control over their lives leading to a major breakdown of their system.

How can rehabilitation centers in India help?

Rehabilitation centers understand the core problem of the patients related to their addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, opioids or any other illicit substances. It is essential to get help when a person loses direction and falls prey to habits like addiction. India has quality treatment centres for addiction. Here are some of the reasons why one should seek treatment in rehabilitation centers in India:

  • Much needed guidance and supervision: The medical professionals at rehab centers formulate a complete action plan to cater to the specific needs of the patients. They take extra care, making sure the patients recover without facing any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Effective treatment and therapies: There are numerous therapies available to treat patients, but, they must suit their needs to work effectively. The highly-trained doctors conduct a thorough diagnosis to ascertain the specific needs of the patients. Depending on each patient’s health status, a suitable therapy is recommended. Your loved ones are always in safe hands in these treatment centres.
  • Relapse Prevention: The chances of relapse are quite higher whenever a person decides to quit addictive substances. It is necessary to seek professional help to prevent the high chances of withdrawal symptoms. The rehabilitation centers prepare the patients to handle relapse situations with proper plans and strategies, even after the sessions get over. After getting information and assistance, patients can easily gain an understanding about addiction and relapse-prevention. They can easily get back to their normal life without feeling the need to be readmitted.
  • Balancing emotional and mental health: Addiction creates an imbalance in a person’s life by taking a toll on his/her mental, emotional, and physical health. Therapies and medical treatments take care of the mental and emotional challenges that an individual usually faces. Doctors help people to overcome addiction to live a happy and purposeful life once again.

You are not alone!

Choosing temporary relief from using an addictive substance will never serve the purpose. It is a long-term recovery that saves people from the clutch of substance abuse.

However, even if you have come under the influence of illicit substances, there’s always a way to reclaim your life. Athena Behavioral Health, one of the top rehabilitation centers in India, successfully treats people with addiction for easy recovery. Our treatment includes both detox and therapeutic interventions. We enable patients to end their dependence on addictive substances. To get more information, contact us on our 24/7 available helpline at 9289086193 or chat online with our mental health counselors.