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Meet the Demand of your Employees with a Holistic Health Wellness Center

During the COVID-19 pandemic, offices world over in India shifted to a work from home (WFH) model to mitigate the impact on business. While for some organizations, this was a regular feature already availed by employees, for a majority of the taskforce, it was a new way to attend office. Even though employees were excited about this new model and adapted to it quickly, it soon led to a burnout owing to the increased burden of maintaining the household, caring for loved ones and meeting deadlines.

Gradually, the model started taking a toll on employees’ mental, emotional and physical health by impacting their personal and social space. A recent study indicated that 29 percent of workers in India encountered increased burnout at work, primarily due to a rise in the workday span by an hour.

The report titled, Microsoft Work Trend Index report, surveyed 6,000 workers. It found that India has the second-highest percentage of workers dealing with intensified burnout. Furthermore, 41 percent of the workers experienced the inability to separate work and personal space. This negatively impacted their well-being, resulting in high-stress levels.

Another recent survey, conducted on 1,908 workers in India, concluded that 70 percent workers were undergoing stress at least once during the operating week. Stress levels amongst the Indian workers are considerably higher than the Asia-Pacific average of 60 percent. It also found that 89 percent of the respondents would be comfortable discussing their mental health at work.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in its 2019 study, has estimated that anxiety and depression ailments cost the global economy $1 trillion every year in terms of lost productivity. What is the point of taking extra working hours from employees if it is leading to deteriorating mental and physical health, causing a loss in both professional and personal sanity?

Companies should look at holistic health solutions

Companies must determine how to keep employees engaged during remote and hybrid WFH models for improved productivity, higher retention, and fewer sick days. With the growth of hundreds of health and wellness providers in the workplace, the interest in 360 degree care and holistic wellness is also increasing. Holistic wellness is not just a buzzword, it is the idea of giving equal importance to mental, physical, and spiritual health. Young employees have expressed that they want convenience beyond virtual care. They look for non-traditional care like retail clinics and digital engagement tools. As an employer, head to a holistic health wellness center to serve the needs of today’s employees.

How do holistic health centers help employees cope with work stress?

The wellness of workers is the key to a constructive workplace, but providing exceptional options like holistic health benefits can set any employer apart from the rest. Many organizations are adopting wellness programs to reduce the stress levels of the workforce to ensure a better working environment. It is one of the influencing factors for retaining employees. Supporting this statement, a poll survey concluded that 66 percent of employees choose employers that care about their well-being.

The best way to meet the mental health demands of employees is to tie up with holistic health wellness centers. These centers offer the following benefits:

  • Help overcome everyday challenges: Stress, fatigue, and burnout are always a matter of concern for companies and employees. Present work demands have worsened the situation. A holistic approach to health has shown significant impact on the bottom line. Partnering with holistic health centers will be a profitable deal for the employers as they increase employee engagement by adopting mindfulness programs like meditation, yoga, and other measures to help mitigate the effects of stress. It increases the resilience of the employees to tackle everyday challenges.
  • Encourage employees to take their health seriously: Health care professionals at holistic centers provide incredible opportunities to employees to increase their involvement in overall well-being. Introducing necessary interventions allows them to take proactive steps to stay healthy or leave the unhealthy habits taking a toll on both their personal and professional front. The pandemic has given rise to virtual care as well. Some of the medical professionals assist online as well on behalf of the companies.
  • Provide flexible and innovative care options: Prioritizing the physical and mental health outcomes and self-care of the employees is great. Preventative health efforts can enormously reduce the long-term costs of the company. Employers can provide flexible and innovative self-care through holistic wellness programs. They can stay ahead by earning employee loyalty, better handle disruptive forces, and prepare a more cohesive or resilient workforce.

Keep your employees’ overall well-being intact with Athena

Being one of the top holistic health wellness centers in India, Athena understands the dynamic and comprehensive needs of employees. Keeping the employee consideration in mind, we are aware of the expectations of today’s workforce and fulfill the same with our holistic treatment programs.

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