Here’s How to Identify the Presence of OCD in A Loved One

There are times when each one of us tend to develop some sort of unwanted thoughts related to a particular situation. However, after putting in a bit of effort (sometimes more), we succeed to overcome such thoughts. But when a person develops any such thoughts that aren’t real and are just his/her imagination, he/she is…

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Are you working harder than your child on their anxiety or OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is a common mental health issue that keeps an individual stuck in the vicious cycle of obsessions and compulsions. These emotions are so strong that these begin to interfere with an individual’s everyday life. According to DSM-IV, OCD is a chronic anxiety disorder and is a lifelong illness. Obsessions refers to any…

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Inside the Mind of a Depression Patient

  Depression has become a common term used for people who are either feeling sad or low. But it is important to understand that depression is more than just feeling sad or low. Depression or major depressive disorder or clinical depression is a type of mental health disorder that negatively affects the way an individual…

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Five Foods That May Help Fight Depression

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for healthy living. While it is well-known that a nutrient-rich diet helps in keeping one physically fit and active, it is also important to remember that foods rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D, B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids, play a vital role in enabling one’s brain…

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