New Year Resolutions for Your Mental Well-Being in 2023

As the year 2022 is about to end, it is time to give a fresh start to everything that matters in your life – relationships, goals, resolutions, or any other thing you could think of. One of the most important things that are kept on priority by most of us is the New Year resolutions…

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How Could Our School Better Support Students Who Struggle With Their Mental Health?

People’s lives are busy in the modern world, whether it is because of work, family, school, hobbies, or other pursuits. Unless we intentionally create this space for ourselves, it could appear that there is little time in our everyday circumstances for our mental health and wellbeing. Additionally, there is a blatant stigma that permeates businesses…

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How To Avoid Drug Addiction Among Teens?

Teenage is the most critical stage of life. One gets easily influenced by the factors surrounding him/her – be it environmental, physical, or emotional. This, in turn, increases his/her chances of leading a healthy life as well as getting addicted to some form of substance. Various studies conducted in the past have revealed that the…

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Common Mental Health Challenges Faced by Teenagers

Teenage is often perceived as carefree and untroubled stage of life. The society, including parents, family, and friends, think that teenage is that stage of life where one can enjoy the most and live without any stress. However, the reality is certainly different. Many teenagers have to deal with a lot of struggle on a…

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Here’s How Empathetic Listening Can Benefit Your Mental Health

You are traveling to a new place and because of the network issue you lost your connection with the google maps! A traveler passing by reached out to you and asked if you were lost by any chance! And to your surprise it came up that he visited that place many times and he guided…

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