Understanding Relapse and Its Warning Signs

Abusing drugs and alcohol has become an increasingly common issue among the masses these days. The condition is not only affecting the youngsters but also many teens as well. Therefore, it is crucial to take the right steps and identify the signs of developing such addiction.  If you fail to do so and treatment is…

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The influence of parenting styles on adolescent Depressive symptoms

Children’s emotional well-being may be impacted by the parenting techniques used to guide and correct them. Parent child interaction determines the quality of mental well-being that the child is going to have. Also, a kid’s educational achievement is relied upon the quality of parenting as in such cases any educational difficulty or failures are well…

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Why aren’t you laughing?

There are many benefits of laughing for your mind and body, which is widely known. In reality, cocoa/chocolates are not as efficient at activating the pleasure centers as laughing is, thus laughing really helps individuals feel happier. Several academic research has revealed that individuals may experience the same level of satisfaction from smiling as they…

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Do you know people who talk openly about their mental health? How does this impact you?

Health-related discussions in general make for an intriguing subject to go deeper into. Some maintain their medical status more secret, though some speak frankly about their entire well-being. The reasons why people decide to share (or not share) their experiences are subject to a wide range of opinions. People are seen to shy away from…

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7 Tips to Cope with Loneliness to Prevent Depression

Loneliness can affect anyone. There are no defined criteria of people that are affected by loneliness. Whether you are an adult, an adolescent, or an elderly, you can feel lonely at any stage of your life. It can affect you even when you are surrounded by a lot of people. One must understand that as…

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