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Anger Management Therapy in India: What works and whom to approach?

There have been rising cases of anger related issues in India. Behavioral health practitioners have noticed that people, particularly belonging to the age bracket 17-35 years, are particularly frustrated and angry. According to Pratima Murthy, professor at Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS,  cases of anger-related issues are increasingly reported in recent times.

Anger can also be a manifestation of severe interpersonal hostility where people want to be served immediately. Dr. Pallavi Arvind Joshi, consultant psychiatrist, Columbia Asia Hospital, has analyzed that anxiety and depression are the main causes of anger issues. More than 70 to 80 % of the patients she comes across struggle with anger management problems.

However, very few people grappling with anger-related issues seek treatment. Studies reveal that only five to 10 percent of the sufferers approach a psychiatrist.. Ayesha Manappat, a psychologist at Aster CMI Hospital, has observed, anger-related cases increasing by about 40 percent over the past decade. It’s high time that people adopt a better lifestyle so that there is less anger in their lives and if it does, they take advice from experts at the earliest.

Several renowned psychiatrists in India are unequivocal in claiming that a growing number of people in India now qualify for anger management therapy. Dr. Ravi Prakash, a psychiatrist in Prakash Psychiatry and Psychology Clinic says that anger-related cases in the past decade have risen by 50 percent, which is alarming.

Anger is a basic emotion that people may experience at times, which is absolutely  normal. The problem starts when it becomes uncontrollable, affecting the overall well-being of individuals, their relationships, and even careers. If it goes beyond control, then it’s time to explore therapy.

Therapies for Anger Management

Therapies provide long-term results in managing anger issues by bringing positive changes in the brain. The goal is to help people learn strategies to change their behaviors towards their triggers. When anger shows up, they can manage it in better ways. Even a symptom of seemingly unrelated issues like depression, trauma, and other mental disorders or any unresolved issue could manifest as anger. It’s important to treat these underlying issues to target the root cause of anger for better and long-term recovery.

Mental Health professionals implement a bevy of therapies that work effectively in dealing with anger issues of patients. Rather than suppressing it, one should go to a mental health professional and derive benefits from therapies. Some of the most effective therapies used to treat anger include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) : It’s a psychotherapy technique to treat a variety of mental health issues. CBT works effectively by recognizing what triggers the anger and zeroes in how people respond to it. Therapists at rehab centers teach new ways to respond to anger. Even trauma patients benefit immensely from cognitive behavioral therapy. A therapist also helps people to identify personal goals and outcomes. It allows them to gradually change their thoughts and behaviors to stick to the changes.
  • Psychodynamic therapy: This therapy is recommended to those who think anger is taking over their life and affecting the others around them. It focuses more on self-reflection and works effectively to reveal their unconscious motivations, alleviating their inner unrest. Here, people also learn how to express their anger in ways that don’t affect their loved ones.
  • Group therapy: Chronic anger hampers the self-esteem of patients that leaves them feeling guilty and isolated. In group therapy professionals take sessions that allow participants to come together on a regular basis. Depending on the needs of the patients, the therapy is modified accordingly.
  • Play therapy: It is a form of psychotherapy for young children. In this technique, a licensed therapist uses creative forms of play to help children express their feelings and thoughts. Its goal is to help children learn how to cope with challenges by increasing their self-esteem. By the end, they learn how to navigate their emotions more constructively.
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