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Damaging After Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Mental Health

The devastating effects and mass loss of life due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created the belief that everything is uncertain. It has led to the development of a mental insecurity that people may never recover from. The fear of unemployment, financial crisis, isolation and forced loneliness has only added to the stress. In such a situation, anxiety treatment programs can reduce the after-effects of this deadly pandemic.

While quarantine and self‐isolation became necessary, they also harmed mental health. Now that people have started moving out of quarantine and isolation, the side effects of these tools have started manifesting. These include physical ailments, social anxiety, depression, fatigue, hyperactivity disorder, trauma and many other issues. People need to practice mindfulness and meditation or even seek professional assistance to overcome the present situation.

According to a survey, published in June 2020, 13 percent of adults reported new or increased use of drugs caused by the stress due to the pandemic and 11 percent of them reported suicidal thoughts. More than a year has passed since then, and the world has seen deadlier mutations of the virus. If people were feeling and behaving like that a year ago, imagine the level of emotional turmoil that they would be dealing with today. To avoid their feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, they have started resorting to unhealthy alternatives that provide temporary and pseudo relief. There is an urgent need to educate the public about the harmful effects of these unhealthy alternatives.

The present crisis has triggered the need for credible mental rehabilitation centers in India 

India is stereotyped when it comes to mental health. The fear of toxic judgment by society often forces people to suffer in silence. Slowly, due to lack of treatment, the problem intensifies overwhelming a person and leading to suicidal ideation. This shows that the reach of the pandemic is not just physical but mental as well. People, who have turned to mental rehab centers for help in these trying times, have significantly improved their quality of life.

Here, we have listed some other reasons why it is important to seek timely professional mental help:

  • Untreated high anxiety deteriorates the immune system increasing the risk of other health issues.
  • The appearance of symptoms of hyperactivity disorder indicates lowered attention span and impulsive behavior, which in the long-run can lead to lower self-esteem and damaged relationships.
  • A twin diagnosis of COVID-19 and mental disorders like depression and bipolar disorder wreaks havoc on the family as a unit.
  • Prolonged exposure to the trauma of isolation and quarantine can lead to emotional instability and the inability to trust situations.
  • Facing a constant emotional struggle while fulfilling the two-fold responsibilities of a bread earner and care provider exhausts the person slowly pushing them towards depression.
  • The disruption of the patient’s life rhythm due to COVID-19 infection leads to insomnia, depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders.

When people start feeling that the situation is getting out of control, it is time to seek professional help. The right treatment at a reliable mental health rehab can help mitigate the effects of a mental health disorder by improving emotional, social, and intellectual skills that people have forgotten during the COVID-19 crisis. Expert advice and support provides the confidence to live, learn, and work in the community as a productive individual. Seeing the present conditions, it is evident that the need for mental health rehab centers is only going to rise.

Seek professional help before it gets too late! 

Mental health disorders can be debilitating and overpowering. If you notice yourself or a loved one exhibiting the signs of a mental disorder, be it depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, or anything else, get in touch with Athena Behavioral Health.

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