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Luxury Rehabs in India: Athena Sets the Benchmark

People want to overcome their addiction. This was proven by the conclusions drawn from the Global Drug Survey, which polled Indians for the first time. It was found that Indians wanted to reduce their alcohol intake as compared to other nationalities. As per the survey conducted online during October to December 2018, 51 percent Indians wished to drink less while 41 percent needed help for the same, again the greatest percentage among other countries. Still, the majority of the people felt reluctance in approaching a rehabilitation center in India for help.

The reasons for such reluctance can be many including lack of comfortable setting, stigma associated with addiction, lack of empathy, confidentiality issues, and the absence of the right de-addiction facilities. Mental health and de-addiction centers in India need to create a healing vibe to make people feel safe and comfortable in seeking treatment. Patients go through a lot while recovering; they experience feelings of guilt, relapse and isolation. Providing empathetic and compassionate care in a safe and secure environment would make a world of difference in healing patients who suffer every day.

When it comes to choosing the right treatment facility, expectations are quite high. Luxury rehabs in India offer emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment to the patients. They can lead a happy and fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol and rediscover things they used to love. Do not think twice about seeking professional help to overcome addiction to illicit substances.

How do Athena’s luxurious rehabs in India match up to the expectations?

Providing effective treatment options through restful accommodations, pleasing decor, and aesthetic landscaping are the driving factors that set Athena apart from the others. When people are offered personalized treatment interventions with comfort, care and in complete confidentiality, it motivates them to complete the entire process for life-long healing.

Athena is committed to provide the best of healthcare facilities with its luxurious rehabs in India. By laying a strong emphasis on offering personalized and innovative programs, our team of trained and experienced professionals is fully committed to providing the best treatment to patients dependent on substances or alcohol. We offer our patients the following:

  • Serene Environment: Successful recovery demands peaceful surroundings for recuperation. Our rehabilitation centers are located in beautiful locations to provide a safe environment with comfortable surroundings for the patients to recover from addiction and mental health disorders. Our centers also include amenities like swimming pools, gardens, and walking paths for exercise or quiet reflection. Our cooks prepare nutritious meals from locally grown, organic foods to accommodate the dietary needs of our patients.
  • Practical Approach: What differentiates luxury rehabs in India is the treatment and therapies offered to patients. Our indigenously developed evidence-based assessment and screening software tools like C.O.M.P.A.S.S. and Cogtest are used for comprehensive psychological testing. Moreover, our therapies like 12 steps to recovery, SMART recovery, continuing care and family care discovers the real reason for the addiction or mental illness and eliminates them from the root. After the treatment is completed, the patient becomes a member of our continuing care program. The psychiatrists in the continuing care program support and encourage the patient continuously so that a relapse can be prevented.
  • Care with our team of professionals: Along with providing world-class facilities, we take extra care of patients with our team of experienced professionals. The people facing mental illness or addiction abuse have already suffered a lot. Our doctors handle them empathetically by listening to what they have to say, their feelings, and their problems. We are proud to say that we have received positive feedback from all our patients.

Making a recovery alone gets difficult. It is better to take professional help on the way to ease the path to recovery. Athena understands mental disorders and addictions. We also understand the state our patient is in and offer care accordingly. Our skilled staff uses the latest and the best evidence-based treatment modalities to ensue that the patient receive the most suitable treatment intervention ensuring long-term recovery.

For more information regarding our centers and the kind of services we offer, reach out to us at our 24/7 helpline number 9289086193 or chat online with our trained representatives. We would be be delighted to assist you in every possible way. Recovery has now become easy, accessible and possible with our luxury rehabs in India.