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Stress management therapies in India: What works, who to work with for your de-stressing program

It’s great to excel in the professional and personal life, but at the same time it is equally important to maintain a healthy life—both physical and emotional. Professional success cannot be at the cost of one’s mental health. Trading success (at any level) for stress and anxiety is not a viable option.

A recent study conducted by The Center of Healing (TCOH), a preventive healthcare platform, revealed that stress and anxiety levels among Indians have been on the rise. Around 74% of Indians are dealing with stress, whereas 88% are struggling with anxiety disorders. Data reports about 68.6% of therapists have witnessed an increase in the number of patients and in the hours of taking therapy for mental health related problems. On the other hand, 55% of therapists have seen a rise in first-time therapy seekers since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Post-Covid times fraught with rampant mental health issues

It’s been more than a year and a half since the pandemic broke out and people have witnessed mental health issues well up. A new study, conducted to see how Covid has impacted stress and other mental health disorders, says 57% of the respondents were encountering mild stress, 11% were feeling it in moderation, four percent were facing moderately severe symptoms of stress, and two percent reported severe stress. On top of it, professional challenges further add to the everyday stress of the people. The report says that seven in 10 Indian workers experience stress at least once during the working week regularly.

Work-life balance is important if you want to achieve success in both personal and professional life. Unfortunately, professional success has been given precedence over personal or family life. It results in a disturbed mental health due to overload of stress every day. As a result of this, psychiatric demands of the people are overlooked and not given due importance. As per reports, 46% of Indians work around 6-10 hours every week for no payment. If the externalities and personal-life stress are added, the mental health imbalance is just too much for them.

The uncertainties and unfortunate circumstances are not in our hands, but dealing with our emotional health is under our control. However, there are stress management therapies in India that work effectively for people who are battling emotional or mental turmoil.

Stress Management therapies in India can ease your overbearing psychological stress!

Most people take mental health for granted. Sometimes taking everyday stress as normal can be a mistake for people. Take care of it as you do for your physical health. There are proven results shown by numerous studies that therapies for mental stress work better than medication alone. It improves mental health symptoms like stress and helps people respond to the treatment. Stress Management therapies can help patients address the stress which is often a result of life events. Here are some of the therapies pivotal in managing your stress:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – It will help you identify and modify destructive thoughts and behavior patterns. With time, you will shift them from the negative to the positive.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – This therapy will help you acknowledge the unhealthy behaviors to cope with deeper underlying issues and find ways to modify those behaviors that elevate stressful situations.
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) – ACT Therapy increases your psychological flexibility by combining acceptance, behavior change, and mindfulness strategies. When you are ready to face complex situations with ease, it will automatically reduce your stress levels.
  • Person-Centered or Humanistic Therapy – This therapy has greater relevance today as it raises the feeling of acceptance with unconditional positive vibes, compassion, and empathy. In the end, you will understand your feelings better.
  • Adventure Therapy – It’s a positive therapy that mainly helps adolescents and young people overcome depression and stress. In your life, you get several instances of opportunity to build self-esteem, learn life skills, and form relationships with peers. You will be able to get the best of them when you can handle stress levels. But, support is important. Therapists and trained professionals involved in adventure therapy focus on healing and help you get the best out of your life.

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