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Damaging After Effects Of Pandemic On Mental Health

Substance abuse in India is as pervasive as the western nations, no matter how underreported the cases may go. Millions of Indians are mired by excessive use of substances ranging from alcohol, opiates, cannabis to other prescription drugs.

Several studies done recently, affirm the widespread drug menace in the Indian society. A broader survey conducted by the UNODC last year, by interviewing over 500,000 persons, revealed disturbing statistics not just for India but also on global numbers, which is nearly 4.5 million people worldwide—mainly from India and Nigeria. Another survey conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) says, about 850,000 Indians inject drugs out of which 460,000 are children. The survey further reports that 1.8 million Indian adults need help for inhalant dependence, and 7.7 million Indians require help for opioid use.

Covid-19 wreaks havoc with an uptick in substance use disorder

The onset of COVID-19 has further exacerbated the situation. The pandemic crisis has pushed people into extreme poverty with steep rise in unemployment and inequalities. It has taken a toll on their mental and physical health. People are rushing to find better ways of seeking peace and solace, but unfortunately, slipping into substance abuse and making their lives more miserable. These factors are leading to rampant drug use disorders across the country.

The pandemic has also brought about sweeping changes in drug use patterns, including the increased use of cannabis and over-the-counter pharmaceutical sedatives. The socioeconomic stressors have also spiked the demand for these drugs.

The report further states that drug traffickers have now bounced back after initial setbacks due to lockdown restrictions. They are back to operating at pre-pandemic levels with the help of technology and crypto-currency payments. Access to ominous drugs has become simpler than ever with online sales. The worst part is that death toll is soaring high with increased cases of cocaine and marijuana consumption in India. People need to understand that life is the cost paid for drug use. It’s high time to stop these practices else it will mar the future of the new generation.

Get rid of the negative consequences of drug consumption with Athena

Even the use of substances like marijuana can lead to adverse consequences. Available easily, marijuana is also a kind of drug. It is commonly used by individuals with hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes, and water pipes and can cause life-threatening symptoms.

The negative consequences of these substances could be far disastrous than what people assume. Considering the ill effects of cocaine, it causes irreversible mental and physical damage if consumed over a long period. As compared to other drugs, cocaine has the most direct and immediate impact on the brain that regulates the mood of the patient. In both cases, a rehab center becomes necessary to get rid of the life-threatening modalities and symptoms.

Athena, being a renowned drug rehabilitation centre in india, provides the best detoxification and cocaine addiction treatment programs. We have proven results in treating individuals addicted to cocaine and other illicit substances. At the same time, our detox programs remove the toxins from the body and restore functioning, bringing their lives back to normal.

We follow an all-encompassing approach to measure the vital aspects of the patient’s drug abuse. To ensure effective treatment, the focus is on both, the physical and psychological level. We know weaning off drugs is difficult, especially substances like cocaine and marijuana as they show withdrawal symptoms in the early stages of the treatment. Therefore, our intensive therapy combines several treatments including detox programs, counseling, and therapy for easy recovery.

Our clients receive result-oriented treatment procedure so they can bounce back to wellness, recovery, and fulfillment, with resilience. As a part of our holistic approach, we encourage our patients to face their weaknesses and motivate them to emerge stronger than before. For detailed information about our cocaine treatment programs and marijuana detox treatment, please call us on our 24/7 helpline 9289086193.