Top Family Therapy Hospitals in India

We, at Athena Behavioral Health, understand the mental state of family members and caregivers of people with mental health disorders and addiction. Caring for someone with substance abuse or mental health problems can be a traumatic experience, with myriad challenges like impaired quality of life, loss of productive time, financial stress, and limited time for leisure and socializing. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend family therapy and counseling. Family counselling helps the family understand the challenges it is facing and how to overcome them as a family.

Athena’s Role in Ensuring Family Care

Family Involvement

We ask family members’ to participate during the assessment and treatment process of the patient. Further, we seek their suggestions about the patient’s preferences while developing the after-care plan. Knowing the overall direction of the treatment plan provides a sense of relief to the family members.

Family Support - family-therapy-counselling
Family Support

We appreciate the courage, determination, and patience of family members who have their loved ones recovering at our rehabilitation center. Therefore, we give them regular updates on the progress of their loved ones while motivating them to stay positive. We also encourage them to come and visit their patients every weekend to strengthen the bond. This eases the transition phase for both, the patient and their families.

Family Counselling - family-therapy-counselling
Family Counselling

We invite family members to be a part of the weekly counselling sessions to help them cope with the challenges they face every day. Through these sessions, we intend to provide peace of mind amid the emotional turmoil they are going through. Unlike what most people believe, these family counseling services are not meant to provide any psychiatric help. In fact, we just want to appreciate and acknowledge the patience and love that you have showered on the patient even in this difficult period of their lives.

Facilitation Meetings- family-therapy-counselling
Facilitation Meetings

We believe that family is a great support system. Therefore, we allow family meetings with the patients (of course as per the schedules and guidelines suggested by our able therapists and the rules of the center). Apart from that, we are also happy to arrange for your travel and accommodation if you are coming from a faraway place.

Friends are also Welcome - family-therapy-counselling
Friends are also Welcome

For most of us, friends also form an integral part of our lives and inner circle. We know that and appreciate all the support that a friend can show. Therefore, we encourage friends to come occasionally to the facility to meet the patient and bring cheer to them.

What Athena Expects

Overall, what Athena Behavioral Health wants to achieve is to guide and encourage you during this crisis. We intend to help you by:

  • Allowing a phone consultation about your loved ones’ condition
  • Inviting your participation in designing our holistic recovery programs
  • Helping you make travel arrangements
  • Appreciating and encouraging your unmatched efforts.
  • Keeping you in the loop
  • Inviting you to regular sessions of counseling for families
  • Assigning a family psychologist
  • Meeting support groups where you would realize that you are not alone and there are other people who might have faced similar challenges

We understand that family is important, but your participation makes the entire process constructive, innovative, highly personalized, and valuable for the patient.