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Pooja Bhatt on Alcohol Addiction and Her Love

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Pooja Bhatt proudly announces enjoying a “deeply gratifying” five-year relationship with sobriety.

Actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt is one of those few celebrities who have openly talked about their addiction problems. In one of her recent Instagram posts, the graceful actress, who battled alcoholism for many years, called sobriety the love of her life.

Now sober for the last five years, Pooja Bhatt recalls the time when she was struggling with alcohol addiction and was on a never-ending journey to chase down “the very idea of love”. She describes how she searched for love wherever she went.

“(She) chased it down unfamiliar avenues in the dead of the night and even across countries, borders, (and) continents,” her Instagram post read.


Hashtagged as #sobrietyrocks, Pooja’s post remembers all those who loved her back and those who did not. However, she refrains from blaming anyone who did not meet her expectations while holding herself responsible for her failures.

“I can’t blame anyone for failing me because the truth is I more often than not, failed myself,” she wrote.

And, then she thanks her heavens for bringing sobriety in her life, which she referred to as her “demanding yet fulfilling lover”.

In her words, “Sobriety breaks down your defenses, bares and reveals your soul, calls out any and all bullshit, yet clasps your hand tight and ensures you make it through many uncertain nights, filling your dawn with such unimaginable light when you do the most revolutionary thing – say NO to yourself.”

Five years of sobriety and counting…

Bhatt proudly admits that though her journey to recovery was filled with potholes, she now enjoys a “deeply gratifying” five-year relationship with it.

Further, she writes how being sober helped her deal with the ups and downs of life and why she was very particular about her emotional health.

“And because recovery, like love, is selfish no matter what people say, my choice is clear – it is SINGLE BLESSEDNESS all the way,” she concludes her post.

Relationship with alcohol

Bhatt had started drinking alcohol at the age of 16. Soon, she was dependent on it. By the time, she reached the age of 45, she realized that she needed to leave alcohol if she wanted to survive. She gave up alcohol on December 24, 2016 and has not touched it since then.

Through her journey, Bhatt’s father, famous director, Mahesh Bhatt, continued to be the pillar of strength that Bhatt drew from. Her father’s words, “If you love me, love yourself too, because I live within myself,” inspired Bhatt to seek recovery from her addiction.

Bhatt had seen first-hand how alcoholism affected her family. “Being a daughter of an alcoholic father, makes you four times more susceptible to being one yourself,” she said in an interview to India Today. She also revealed that she had lost a friend to alcoholism when he was just 40. Though she started drinking more to drown out the grief she felt at that time, soon she realized her mistake.

Leading a public life, Bhatt said that she always drank openly and therefore wanted to recover openly too. She has been penning posts on important milestones of her journey, hoping that it gives courage to other women, who may be struggling with the similar problems, to accept the problem and work towards their recovery. Bhatt believes that no one is alone in their journey.

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