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Choosing mental health over physical appearance is a choice, says Hina Khan

In our society, appearance plays an important role. It matters a lot and is the way we are first evaluated by others. A person’s negative body image can adversely affect them mentally. An inferior self-image or body image may result in depression, anxiety, stress and agony.

If we don’t feel good about our bodies, it leads to plummeting self-confidence, worthlessness, and can impact mental and physical health. Negative body image can compound risk of anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

A lot of people from the glamour industry have poured their hearts out on their battle with body insecurities or body dysmorphia because staying in shape is an unspoken obligation for stars. Most celebrities go to lengths in order to stay in shape so that they remain in vogue for the longest period.

But, recently, Hina Khan, television actress and runner-up of Bigg Boss season 11, spoke about choosing mental health over her looks. She talked about her recent weight gain in a candid Instagram post. Hina Khan, rose to fame for her role in the daily soap ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,’ on Star Plus.

Hina Khan often takes to social media to motivate her fans to spend time in physical activity regularly. The 34-year-old actress is well known for her perfect body, which inspires her fans. She was also declared the best style icon in Bigg Boss season 11.

During the horrific second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, she lost her father in April, who died of cardiac arrest. She was also diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. As a result of such distressful circumstances and emotional turmoil she had put on much weight. Yet, she gave precedence to her mental health over a desire to look good- ‘always’.

In the powerful Instagram post she opened up about how she gave priority to her mental state over physical appearance. Hina revealed that she has put on a few kilos, but she is not concerned about her weight gain, rather her mental health is the most important thing for her. She would like to care over mental happiness and find joy over little things in her life. Further, she also added that she is now ‘back in action’.

“Had put on some kilos in these months for obvious reasons and I really did not pay attention to how many kilos I put on,” said Hina on her Instagram handle. “My mental health was way more important and I just wanted to be, wanted to do things that make me happy. Sometimes let yourself be, enjoy the little things, do what you like without thinking much about what people will say or how am I looking. After all, one needs to be in the right frame of mind to do anything in life. And I chose mental health, my well being over my physical appearance. Now here I am, back in action.”

Taking care of yourself

Both, physical health and mental health are interconnected. If a person is constantly feeling low due to a negative body image, it will definitely impact his/her outlook, and physical health. It will lead to physical consequences and the person might avoid meeting people and become isolated. It would lower their self-esteem or self-worth as a result.

Such people also dread seeking medical help, which is even more harmful. It is evident that stress and anxiety can exacerbate heart disease, sleep problems, digestive alignment, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

However, a positive body image can make people realize their inner qualities and strength. To own a healthy body and mind one should avoid comparing to others and shouldn’t run after perfectionism.

Taking positive approach towards your mental well-being is quite important. This involves appreciating yourself, realizing your strength, practicing a bit of mindfulness and relaxation techniques and mostly following a healthy routine and good diet plan.

Get help for mental health problems

If you feel depression and anxiety has taken over your life and you are unable to come out of it, seek immediate help at a credible behavioral health treatment centre.

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