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Actor Banita Sandhu opens up on her battle with depression, support and therapy

Depression is a common mental health illness and also a serious one too (major depressive disorder) that negatively impacts people on how they feel, think and act.

However, it is a respite that depression is also treatable. Depression leads to feelings of sadness and a loss of interest in activities once previously enjoyed. Depression makes way for a range of emotional and physical problems decreasing one’s ability to function at work and at home.

Depression can inflict anybody, from the common man to high-fliers and achievers in any field. Several celebrities have come up with stories of their struggle with depression and other mental health problems.

There was a time when celebrities would cringe in expressing depression or a fragile mental health state. However, time has changed and celebrities have taken a step forward and have started candid conversations to de-stigmatize mental health. Now, people openly accept depression as any other ailment and do not shy away from talking about it.

Banita Sandhu, the 24-year-old British actress, who mostly works in Indian films, recently opened up on her battle with depression in a candid interview with Pinkvilla.

She rose to fame with her debut film ‘October’ opposite Varun Dhawan in 2018. Recently, she earned recognition for her role in Vicky Kaushal starrer film Sardar Udham.

In her interview with Pinkvilla, Banita spoke at length about her struggle with depression with an attempt to apprise her fans about mental health problems. “I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety while I was 18 but therapy and treatment has helped me to deal with it,” said Banita. She also said that she was lucky to get diagnosed for her mental health condition at an early age this has helped her to prepare for the pandemic.

In her interview she said, “It was something I have been battling for three years, and if I am being honest, it’s something I will always battle and live with. But because I really worked on my mental health with therapy and the support around me, I am much better equipped to handle it now.”

She also said that approaching treatment for her condition helped her in more ways than one. It was just before the pandemic hit and she was already resilient after treatment to weather any exigency. “I went through depression and got better too before the pandemic hit. So when it hit, it was almost like my depression prepared me for it, because I knew that at the end of the day, all my mental health and the health needs are the most basic things – which is a routine, my family, food, and being able to creatively stimulate my mind,” Banita added.

The accomplished actor, basking in the glory of her recent success in Sardar Udham, says she is actively going through her therapy to keep up with her mental health. Banita also shared her experience how she dealt with Covid-19 pandemic and maintained her mental health during these difficult times. She said, “I am not saying the pandemic was easy for me, it was difficult for everyone but I was much better equipped than my friends who hadn’t really acknowledged mental health before the pandemic.”

She says approaching treatment intervention helped her a lot. “It was kind of a blessing in disguise, and if anything, I am grateful for my mental health that keeps me grounded, on track and in check with what’s actually important in life.”

Seek help for mental health

Depression does not discriminate on grounds of financial position, gender or profession. Depression affects an individual by hindering his/her personal and professional life.

A depressed person finds it hard to cope with challenges- in professional and personal life. It impairs one’s ability to think, focus and perform daily responsibilities. It decreases productivity at the work place. It creates problems in relationships, pushing a person to isolation.

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