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Here’s How Empathetic Listening Can Benefit Your Mental Health

You are traveling to a new place and because of the network issue you lost your connection with the google maps! A traveler passing by reached out to you and asked if you were lost by any chance! And to your surprise it came up that he visited that place many times and he guided you through your destination and wallah! You reached your destination.

Another perspective!

Let’s assume you get diagnosed with some disease and one of your friends comes up and shares his/her experience as to how that individual overcame the concern. What professional and management he/she took to reach betterment. This somehow relaxes you, with the fact that, yes! There’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Helping those who are experiencing mental health difficulties is more important than ever, especially for young adults. This will involve the training of additional mental health care professionals and the development of new ideas for how to reduce stress in the workplace and in educational settings. We must also seek to lessen stigma by altering the way people communicate about mental illness. Teaching individuals how to communicate about their experience with mental illness is one method to do this.

People talking more about mental health and the issues they themselves are going through would lessen the mental health stigma. We need to be vocal about the issues we are facing otherwise the people around won’t understand. Due to mental health stigma maximum suffering through it are not able to even share with their closed ones, and which also leads to delay in reaching out to the professional help.

When people share their own experiences with others it gives them a better perspective and a chance to reflect on their own journey of healing. It forces them to understand how they overcame the challenges on their own in that situation, what strategies they enforced, which strategies worked which didn’t. So it gives the world an example as well as the person sharing becomes much more insightful of their current situation.

People’s confidence and sense of wellbeing both increased as a result of the event. Since they were utilizing their own experience to benefit others, sharing their tales provides the speaker’s a sense of empowerment and purpose.

Sharing stories publicly helps the sufferers to gain knowledge about seeking the correct type of help. Also it helps them to identify the concerns which are currently prevailing and the courage to seek for the professional.

It would be beneficial if the youth can read up materials on mental health concerns and can put up a discussion in their groups. This would help others to be comfortable in sharing their issues if they are facing any. Sharing of such information will also eliminate the contribution to the stigma as it will gradually work on eliminating the misconception about mental illnesses.

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