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Tips to Boost Your Mood Naturally When Dealing with Depression

When the weather changes, people get sick, especially kids. The reasons can be many. For example, during summers, the illness can be caused due to hot wind while in winters, it could be cold weather leading to cold and cough.

However, if the health and other symptoms are monitored closely, the root cause is the weakened immune system. Explore natural ways to uplift your mood amidst depression.

As recommended by experts, there are natural ways to keep your Immune system as healthy as possible but if we ignore the healthy ways of living, it is normal for us to visit the doctor who will then prescribe the medicines to bring it to the normal level.

The same is the situation when the levels of your four happy hormones in your body go down. These include dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, levels.

This, in turn, tends to impact your mood and thereby, resulting in sadness and depression. Therefore, it is important to keep the level of these happy hormones at the normal level.

Mentioned below are some of the natural ways to keep these hormones at the right level:

Healthy and Balanced Diet:

Our body is our temple. Hence, it is important for every individual to learn to respect his/her body the way he/she respects the temple.

For instance, it is important that you make sure to eat only seasonal fruits and vegetables and your diet contains all the necessary nutrients like vitamins, protein, and minerals.

Avoid the intake of sugar as much as possible. Several studies conducted in the past have revealed that sugar can be more habit-forming than certain drugs.

Infect, a sugar-addicted person is very likely to develop depression and other mood disorders.

Dr. Sun:

Early morning sun rays help boosts chemical serotonin in your brain, which as a result gives you energy to keep you in a state of composed, positive vibes. This is not all! It also helps to improve your concentration on your goals.

Doctors also suggest that patients with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other types of depression linked to low levels of serotonin expose their skin to sunlight.

This can help in producing Vitamin D and in turn, improve the serotonin level in the body.

Sound sleep:

Proper sleep is also considered a medicine for 1000s of diseases. This implies that if you get a nice sleep, there are chances that you may get rid of many of your physical and mental health issues.

As they say, early to bed and early to rise make a person healthy and wise. So, try to adapt it in your real life and you might begin to feel light and surrounded by positive vibes.

Breathing Techniques:

Deep breathing exercises trigger your parasympathetic nervous system and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga is also a great idea as it helps to improve the oxygen levels and blood flow in the human body and brain.

It is important to understand that when there is more oxygen released to the brain, it helps to release another hormone called Dopamine in the human body, making you feel enthusiastic.

Must Have a Hobby:

When you begin to do what you like e.g. painting, singing, writing, or gardening, your mind and soul go along and this moving state releases endorphins, leading to a sense of joy and well-being.

It’s just the process you are using help but the result too brings a sense of happiness.


One must start expressing gratitude towards God, life, community, nature, etc. When you start appreciating everything around you, negative energy will by default reduce.

The difference between being sad and happy is that the more you keep negative things closer, the more you tend to stay sad. On the contrary, the more you spread happiness and talk positively, the more it blossoms like a flower.

However, it also has been said, “Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting some on yourself.” It’s a give-and-take thing.

 Road to Recovery

In case all the above natural remedies fail to help you and now the condition seems out of your hands, don’t worry there are several mental health facilities available in India.

Athena Behavioral Health is one of them. We are here to help you, and your near and dear ones. If you would like to get a consultation on treatment facilities from a professional, please reach us through email at or call us at +91 9289086193 It is our privilege to take the pain out of yours!

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