The road to recovery begins with a strong willpower to live a healthy and productive life once again.

Most people struggling with an addiction or dependence on alcohol and/or drugs did not start using these with the intention of getting hooked. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, that are personal and individual to every patient, people do get dependent. Similarly, mental disorders are not a choice that someone makes. These can affect anybody irrespective of their economic status, caste, creed, education, or social background. However, both these conditions are treatable. Athena Behavioral Health offers different levels of care and treatment interventions to help cure mental disorders and addictions.

Mental Residential Treatment Facility in Gurgaon

Residential Treatment

Athena Behavioral Health offers residential treatment programs that allow the patient to recover in a safe and controlled setting, away from the triggers. While in our care, patients are administered treatment plans especially curated to suit their needs.
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Outpatient Care for Mental Health & Addiction - Athena Behavioral Health

Outpatient Care

Athena Behavioral Health offers outpatient care to those patients who cannot enter a residential treatment setting owing to their responsibilities at home or work. This level of care is also offered to patients once they scale down from a residential treatment program or before they enter a residential treatment program depending on their requirement.
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Medical Detox Programs in Gurgaon | Detox treatment in India

Medical Detox

Medical Detox is a supervised process during which the toxins accumulated with years of drug or alcohol use are safely removed from the body. The process is made more comfortable and less painful with the use of certain medications administered by our experienced medical supervisors.
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Mental Health Treatment in Gurgaon | Mental Rehabilitation Centre

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health disorders are overwhelming. Not only does the person battling a mental disorder suffer, but those around them also feel the brunt of the unfortunate situation. However, mental disorders are highly treatable. Athena Behavioral Health offers the best in class treatment for various mental health disorders.
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Best Deaddiction Centre in Gurgaon - Athena Behavioral Health

Addiction Treatment

There can be many reasons for someone to start using drugs or alcohol. Initially, a person starts using substances out of curiosity, peer pressure, enjoyment, boredom, etc., but soon they get dependent on that substance. Athena Behavioral Health administers various therapies for addiction treatment to help overcome this debilitating condition.
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Continuing Care Program - Athena Behavioral Health

Continuing Care

Continuing care is an important aspect of mental health and substance use rehabilitation. In the absence of follow-up and continuing care post discharge from rehab center, the patient is likely to suffer a relapse. Therefore, we offer multiple options for continuing care to help a patient maintain their recovery.
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12-Step Program

The 12-Step Program, a set of 12 consecutive steps or activities, refers to a targeted recovery plan that emphasizes on viewing addiction as a disease or medical condition. The philosophy of the problem lies in arresting the disease rather than hating, stigmatizing or neglecting those living with an addiction.
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Facilitation Meetings- family-therapy-counselling

SMART Recovery

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is one of Athena’s flagship programs that ensures long-term addiction recovery. With SMART Recovery, we aim to address problematic alcohol, substance, and/or other types of addictions.
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