SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is one of Athena’s flagship programs that ensures long-term addiction recovery. With SMART Recovery, we aim to address problematic alcohol, substance, and/or other types of addictions.

Our SMART Recovery program integrates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with other behavioral components such as motivational enhancement and behavioral change strategies.

SMART Recovery Program

Athena’s smart recovery program is divided into a 4-point plan, including:

Elements of SMART Recovery Program

Athena employs the following major strategies to address addictive behavior:

  • Say ‘I am Strong’ to cravings: If you are under a rehabilitation program anywhere in the world, something that would bother you most is cravings, which can get irresistible at times. During such cravings, think of all those bad memories of the past caused due to addiction. Once you are strong enough to avoid cravings, you will realize that there is so much more to life than using substances.
  • Most of these problems are treatable or manageable: Mental or behavioral health problems are no different than physical problems. In fact, sometimes they are associated. Proper treatment, care and patient determination can work wonders in leading a sober life.
  • Active Involvement: Those who don’t dive into the water don’t learn to swim. The same concept holds true en route to de-addiction. We have in place all the strategies and plans to help people overcome addiction but it would not be successful until the patient is committed to getting involved actively in the programs recommended by our therapists.
  • Resist Temptations: “The wind cannot overturn a mountain. Temptation cannot touch the man who is awake, strong and humble, who masters himself and minds the law.”    – Buddha

This amazing quote from the master emphasizes the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. If you can choose something, you can ditch it as well. You just need to resist your cravings and temptations. The rest, Athena will take care of because nobody can be happier than us to see you go home with the will power to be able to resist.

  • Trust and Discipline: Belief in your therapist is the strongest pillar on which a successful recovery program stands. Commit yourself to following all instructions, adhering to medication schedules and participating in self-help groups and motivational programs organized by Athena.

And of course, we understand that every individual is different and no one medicine works for all. Therefore, we have an improvised plan of action to meet individual needs.