The 12-Step Program, a set of 12 consecutive steps or activities, refers to a targeted recovery plan that emphasizes viewing addiction as a disease or medical condition. The philosophy of the problem lies in arresting the disease rather than hating, stigmatizing or neglecting those living with an addiction.

At Athena, the 12-Step Program is delivered through self-help groups where people with addiction are assisted in:

  • Realizing how powerless they were against alcohol and drugs
  • Accepting the immoral side of addiction
  • Admitting the nature of their wrongdoings
  • Creating a list of individuals whom they have harmed
  • Make amends by doing the needful for those people

These steps are important in the view that they help develop an innate desire to overcome addiction, while repairing the past and preventing future damage.

What does the 12-Step Program Comprise?

Athena’s 12-Step program for recovery from addiction has the following 12 steps or active ingredients:

  1. Treating each case individually
  2. Making the patient believe what’s wrong with addiction
  3. Motivating the patient to quit addiction
  4. Strengthening self-belief and willpower to attain sobriety
  5. Working to ensure abstinence from alcohol or drug use
  6. Encouraging patients to attend self-help group meetings
  7. Making them confident so that they admit and accept the dark side of addiction
  8. Introducing them to a social circle of people who support abstinence
  9. Decreasing exposure to drinking-related activities
  10. Ensuring non-availability of cues that induce cravings
  11. Familiarize the patient with rewarding social relationships
  12. Inculcating effective coping skills to avoid relapse and maintain sobriety

How Effective is the 12-Step Program?

Researchers have confirmed that the mechanism of action of the “active ingredients” of the 12-Step programs is effective in increasing the likelihood of “abstinence and improved psychosocial function”.

What are the Expectations from Patients and their Families?

To gain the maximum benefit from a 12-Step program we have set some expectations from the patients and their family members.

Expectations from patients
  • Attending meetings and participate in recovery activities
  • Meeting attendance and engagement requirements
  • Following medication schedule and therapy sessions
  • Abiding by the instructions of therapists and nursing staff
  • Staying positive and motivated
Expectations from family members
  • Following the visitation and meeting schedule strictly
  • Not sharing any unpleasant news or information with the patient
  • Not paying heed to patient’s demand for a substance, no matter how much they plead
  • Cooperating with our staff in treatment
  • Staying patient and positive