Residential Treatment

A residential treatment facility is a safe and secure residential campus for those requiring 24/7 medical supervision and care.

Mental health disorders and addiction are overwhelming conditions. When afflicted with these conditions, some people need round-the-clock compassionate care in a secure and trigger-free environment. This is the reason why Residential Treatment Centers exist.

Athena Behavioral Health Care is a residential treatment center that allows the patient to recover in a safe and controlled setting. We ensure that our patients’ treatment plans are tailored to suit their needs in a disciplinary manner while allowing them the freedom to heal at their own pace.

Mental Disorders

Patients afflicted with mental health disorders need someone who is empathetic and does not judge them for their condition. Our experienced nurses and trained therapists not only know how to care for such patients but also understand that attending therapies and counselling sessions to overcome their distress is important. This is why they ensure that the patients are regular with their medications and therapy sessions.


Patients struggling with an addiction have their own demons to conquer. Most patients who enter residential treatment centers have hit the rock bottom in their lives, having scarred their relationships and damaged their bodies. Majority of these patients may also suffer from one or more associated health issues. Athena Behavioral Health works towards helping the patient heal their bodies and mend their broken relationships while taking a multi-pronged approach to addiction treatment.

What Does Athena’s Residential Treatment Program Offer?

  • Medical detox
  • Mental health treatment
  • Customized therapeutic interventions
  • Individual therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Medication management
  • Abstinence from drug/alcohol use
  • Family care and counselling
  • Addiction treatment and aftercare
  • Trigger-free environment
  • Sessions on motivational and purposeful living
  • Introduction to Support Groups
  • Developing the confidence to stay sober even post treatment
  • Follow-up care after the formal residential program ends

The Staff

The staff at Athena Behavioral Center teaches the patients to think positively while inculcating healthy lifestyle habits. This makes the staff at Athena the hand, the shoulder, and the friend that the patient needs not only during their best frame of mind, but also to untiringly encourage them and make them believe that they have a better life to return to.

Residential treatment is a healthy mix of medically-supported treatments and therapies to help patients become physically strong and spark the will to live in the present surrounded by friends and family.

This does not mean all the patients suffering from substance abuse or other mental illnesses need residential rehabilitation. Patients with mild symptoms can opt for our outpatient care where our counsellors and therapists offer similarly customized treatment programs.

Our Advantage

  • We are equipped with both the technical machinery and the human touch to ensure timely recovery
  • We acknowledge the role of psychological and social therapies in healing and maintaining long term abstinence and recovery
  • We understand that family and friends are an integral part of the patient’s recovery. This is the reason why we involve them during the treatment process and also encourage them to visit often.
  • Further, we stress the need of continuing care and education to bring about a positive social change.

For more information about us, our drug treatment program, and our mental health residential treatment, you can call our 24×7 helpline at 9289086193. You can trust us to care for those who need our help.