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Nature Vs Nurture: Two sides of the same coin

Nature Vs Nurture: Dual Sides of one coin

Many psychiatric diseases have a tendency to run in families, which has long been noted by scientists as indicating possible hereditary causes. Autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia are a few examples of these conditions. It might be challenging to differentiate between these 5 major mental illnesses because symptoms sometimes overlap. Their related symptoms imply that they might also be biologically identical. In fact, new research has found some evidence of common genetic risk factors for bipolar illness, schizophrenia, and autism, as well as for depression and bipolar disorder.

Mental disease runs in families. This means that rather than inheriting genes that make one more prone to mental illness, people actually inherit genes that make them more prone to it. Since mental illness is not a trait, it cannot be directly passed from parent to kid. Mental illness is undoubtedly genetic since the genes that have the capacity to activate it can be transferred from parent to kid.

Mental disease can also be brought on by the brain itself. It can be susceptible to the onset of mental disease due to its structure and neurochemistry, or the brain’s other molecules and neurochemicals. Additionally, traumatic brain injury can contribute to mental disorder.

Some people believe that the environment comprises everything that isn’t caused by an inherited gene in the context of mental disease in general. That differs from conventional environmental health thinking, which has typically seen environmental hazards in terms of pathogens, contaminants, and other exogenous elements that affect the physical environment of the human. Factors of environment also includes medicines (side effects), certain injuries, deficiency caused to lack of proper nutrition and other psychosocial factors also become a contributor towards environmental threat.

Psychosocial stress can be brought on by a wide range of situations, such as sexual abuse, becoming a victim of crime, or the end of a romantic engagement. But psychologists believe that each of these situations sets off deeper instinctual responses, such feelings of loss or fear, which steer victims in a particular direction.

Both hereditary and environmental factors contribute to mental diseases. A mental disease cannot be caused by a single genetic switch being turned. As a result, it can be challenging for doctors to estimate a person’s likelihood of inheriting or passing on a mental disease to their offspring. There are numerous interrelated genes and environmental factors that contribute to the complicated etiology of mental diseases.

Differentiation on the factor of genes and environment is important to identify whether it is the causal factor or the precipitating factor leading to the disorder. Knowing the factor will help a clinical psychologist formulate the therapeutic intervention for the disorder and psychoeducation can be done accordingly.

Discuss your worries with your loved one in a direct and honest manner if they exhibit symptoms of mental illness. Although you might not be able to coerce someone into seeking professional help, you can still encourage and support them. You can also assist your loved one in locating and scheduling an appointment with a certified mental health expert.

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