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The influence of parenting styles on adolescent Depressive symptoms

Children’s emotional well-being may be impacted by the parenting techniques used to guide and correct them. Parent child interaction determines the quality of mental well-being that the child is going to have. Also, a kid’s educational achievement is relied upon the quality of parenting as in such cases any educational difficulty or failures are well managed by the parents. The kids with such parents tend to be much more resilient in their life and have more grip upon themselves at that time of uncertainty.

Before understanding this further let’s be aware of the four broad types of parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian parenting in which the parent is strict, are rules are set by the parents. Here in this type only one-way communication is there where the kid just needs to abide by the rules. The parent is not concerned about how the child feels or thinks about it. Definitely here if there is any fault by the child then he/she is punished since there is no consideration from the parent’s end. Such a child is unable to make their decisions, suppressed long term anger towards parents (which is unexpressed), also poor self-esteem which further supports their indecisiveness (lack of confidence). These types of children are seen to be extreme rebels when they grow older.
  • A nurturing relationship is shared with the children with authoritative parenting. Here discipline is implemented rather than punishments. A different approach towards parenting changes a lot to the upbringing of the child. Here the disciplinary actions by the parents are well explained to the children as to why that is being implemented and how it is going to benefit the child and parents both. So in all a holistic approach. In such a type of parenting a lot of patience is needed by both the parties but yes, the outcome is beautiful. It leads to a strong foundation within the family. Kids with this parenting style grow up to be confident, have the ability to self-regulate and are responsible enough. These kids tend to be higher academic achievers and they have the capacity to set and achieve goals on their own.
  • With minimal or no expectations at all comes the third style known as permissive parenting. In these parenting styles there are a limited number of rules. The worst scenario in such a case is that the child has no control over his/her eating habits, especially the focus here is on unhealthy snacking. They are on their own rules and control for deciding on any factor in their life. In such parenting style the bond is like friends rather than like parent child. These children tend to have some qualities of self-esteem and discipline as well but lack self-regulation, are demanding in nature, impulsive and selfish.
  • Uninvolved parenting is the style of parenting where they are out of their parents’ way. They do not play a role in a child’s life majorly. They are just there as parents but are completely detached. These parents have low or almost no expectations altogether from their kids. Such parenting style leads the child to be more self-sufficient and resilient but they face issues with academic challenges as they are left all alone which lends to emotional instability adapting to less adaptive coping strategies.

In authoritarian parenting, which involves using a lot of pressure, compulsion, or interference, may make kids feel guilty and encourage depression (Shagle 1994).

Apart from authoritative parenting where the child is able to express themselves in front of their parents and are able to receive the maximum warmth of their parents are better supported in any adversity in their life. Other three parenting styles are somewhere not providing their child the shield in which they can bloom to survive in this fast paced world. Being through tough times alone, managing through failures or dealing things alone make them more vulnerable in terms of mental health wellbeing. This gradual process of growing older with parents having least support leads to mental health issues.

It is important to have the knowledge about the right kind of parenting and how to practice in daily life can be guided by counselors and psychologists who are professionally trained for this.

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