You are currently viewing Do you know people who talk openly about their mental health? How does this impact you?
Do you know people who talk openly about their mental health? How does this impact you?

Do you know people who talk openly about their mental health? How does this impact you?

Health-related discussions in general make for an intriguing subject to go deeper into. Some maintain their medical status more secret, though some speak frankly about their entire well-being. The reasons why people decide to share (or not share) their experiences are subject to a wide range of opinions.

People are seen to shy away from talking about their concern because of prior embarrassing experiences, such as being made fun of or feeling completely ignored.

In the current generation of youth might have had the experience in their school time of sharing some personal information and later getting teased from the other classmate with that secret, this has somehow turned the thought process of distrusting others in general.

Through avoiding the topic, we contribute to the stigma that surrounds mental wellbeing. Among the negative consequences of stigma are:

  • Discrimination
  • Lack of comprehension from loved ones, acquaintances, coworkers, or others
  • less possibilities for employment, education, or socializing, or difficulty finding housing
  • insult, physical abuse, or bullying
  • Their mental condition is not sufficiently covered by their health insurance treatment.
  • the assumption that people can’t overcome particular obstacles or better their circumstances.

Even if discussing psychological health is difficult, it is essential. Here are five justifications for why it’s crucial to discuss your mental wellbeing.

  • Breaking the stigma of mental health – These barriers can be overcome by freely discussing mental health topics, especially mental illness. Discussions provide us the chance to clear up misconceptions and feel more comfortable approaching others for assistance while also demonstrating the prevalence of mental illness.
  • Although there are more mental health difficulties, this does not always suggest that there are more mental illnesses. Being more honest about mental health may assist to explain this increase. If we talk about mental health more, more people may seek therapy and receive a mental health issue diagnosis. Maintaining discussion about mental health probably helps us feel at ease enough to realize when we require assistance.
  • Discussing more about mental health gives us the courage to speak about it when we face any challenge. Being vocal about your concerns makes things more feasible and seeking validation for that from your loved ones makes it easy to seek professional help.
  • The taboo associated with mental illness is reduced when it is openly discussed in society. It also serves as a reminder that support is accessible and also that we aren’t alone in our struggles. Speaking on mental health can motivate persons who are contemplating suicide or are suffering from serious psychiatric condition to ask for assistance.

In spite of the fact that we manage irregular emotional well-being concerns or an extreme emotional wellness problem, everybody can profit from conversations that remember counsel or data for how to improve or really focus on our psychological well-being and prosperity. To be healthy generally and experience a greater quality of life, it is vital to keep up with incredible emotional well-being. This can involve looking for treatment for a current emotional well-being condition for certain individuals. For every other person, this could involve embracing sound way of life propensities and stress-decrease rehearses like care or practice to more readily control their overall mental prosperity.

To whom could you direct your attention regarding your mental health?

Visiting professionals, psychiatrist and clinical psychologist to have a professional consultation and support to the concern. At Athena Behavioral Health we have a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist team to address the concern and comprehensive treatment is done for the best outcome.

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