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Why is mental health equally important as physical health?

It is not quite easy to notice a gradually deteriorating mental health state of a person. The signs may not be very obvious, but it does have effects that can be damaging and long-lasting! Taking care of one’s mental health is equally important. Just like physical health, mental health also affects motivation, energy level, and other daily tasks. In fact, psychological health plays a greater role in the well-being of a person as diseases are called to be psychosomatic. Maintaining overall well-being calls for a good state of mind. Having a problem in mental health is as normal as other physical ailments and can be corrected with the right treatment.

In India, discussing mental health is still taboo. Instead of creating a stigma around mental health, people should promote treatment approaches and encourage the availing of mental health treatment in India. Timely intervention with therapies is way better than suffering in silence due to societal pressure that further intensifies the whole problem. Poor mental health is detrimental to physical health that creates an imbalance in one’s life-functioning. There is no need to stigmatize mental illness problems when effective treatment is available in the country.

India is currently undergoing the worst phase in terms of mental illness, not because of the pandemic situation but also due to social insecurity, uncertainty, everyday pressures, and other related factors. The country is still reeling under impressions coming from stereotyped people who think if a person is facing any mental issue then something must be wrong. There has to be a paradigm shift in people to consider mental health issues like any other ailment.

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Everyone wants to enjoy a quality life. Making the most of the productive capacity often leads to goal accomplishment. All this is possible only when one’s state of mind is balanced even in tough situations. Good mental health positively impacts physical health with improved sleeping habits, a good immune system, and lower pain levels. Mental rehabs make sure that the mental well-being of the patients is attained. Some of the available and effective mental health treatments are as follows:

  • Medical assessment
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Process group therapy
  • Art therapy/Music therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Specialized treatment
  • Narrative treatment
  • Life skills building
  • Building self-esteem and managing emotions
  • Navigating relationships with family
  • Nutritionally Assisted Detox (NAD)
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Continuing care program
  • Relapse prevention

Before providing the listed treatment, mental health treatment centers conduct an elaborate assessment to know what kind of treatment will suit a patient as per individual needs and current condition. Ranging from medication to therapy, there is a solution available for every patient. It’s better to choose the treatment that can bring positive life results instead of complicating the situation. It’s not a weakness, but a sign of strength. The outside world is just the representation of how you feel, think, and act. Make sure you are feeding your mind with only positivity. The promotion of positive mental health is important to attain the desired well-being. Anxiety treatment programs work effectively well in solving this disorder.

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What makes a difference between a miserable and happy life? It is an effective treatment! It’s not easy for people who are dealing with mental disorders to decide all by themselves to approach a treatment rehab. They only know they are suffering and it is so overwhelming at times that they are unable to decide on anything. That is where the role of a family member or a friend comes into play.

It’s high time that people realize the importance of mental health and approach one of the best mental rehabilitation centers in India. These centers provide the best solution to prevalent mental health issues in the country.

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