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Holistic Health Wellness center: How it works effectively in treating mental health disorder

There has been a steep rise in the stress level of people since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. According to a new study conducted by GOQii, 43% Indians suffer from depression. GOQii, the smart-tech-enabled preventive healthcare platform, surveyed 10,000 people in India for their study. The respondents were asked about how they are coping with the new situation or new normal brought about by the global pandemic. The result concluded that 26% of the respondents were suffering from mild depression, 11% were moderately depressed, and 6% were facing severe symptoms.

The lifestyle of the people has been changing constantly. The pandemic has just added to the stress. The data is from when the pandemic started. Some of us have learned how to cope with these circumstances. But, there are still many who are battling depression, anxiety, and pain every day. However, there is a silver lining amid this gloom. There are effective treatments available in India potent enough to make the recovery easy and long-lasting.

The research proved that holistic therapies have helped people in overcoming about half of the anxiety and depression. Holistic treatment procedures are integrated that take the complex nature of depression and anxiety disorders into account. A holistic method analyzes the reasons why an individual is experiencing depression or anxiety.

The growing prevalence of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other symptom-based conditions is fully addressed by the holistic health wellness centers in India, providing the best treatment within a timeframe.

Researchers have found a relationship between these three psychological states of mind—depression, anxiety and pain. Around 65% of the patients who are looking for help in cases of depression also report at least one type of pain. Depression not only contributes to intensity of pain but also expands the risk of disability. People suffering from these conditions experience more vulnerability and sensitivity as compared to others. It’s always better to get timely help through rehab centers in India that follow the holistic approach to provide effective treatment.

How does a Holistic Health Wellness Center ensure the best treatment?

The approach of holistic health centers is way different from others. They usually don’t like to follow a one-size-fits-all treatment procedure in caring for each patient. Instead, these centres evaluate the current conditions of a patient first, and then the appropriate treatment is prescribed. The main motive is to make recovery of patients fun and engaging so that they can respond effectively. In these treatment centres, psychiatric issues like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain are easily treated with out-of-the-box treatment plans for the holistic recovery of the patient.

Come to us! We are here to help!

Athena being a holistic health wellness center focuses on the physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs that affect a patient’s overall health. We address a wide variety of wellness concerns and use clinically proven therapies to help people with psychiatric concerns. It’s true that lifestyle matters a lot and we firmly believe in this adage. Therefore medication, dietary changes, exercise plans, psychological, and spiritual counseling are given due consideration when we treat our patients.

We are into evidence-based alternative therapies like massage, acupuncture, and yoga to provide supportive care. At the same time, patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric ailments are encouraged to opt for better choices to make their post-recovery life easy and successful.

We offer a handful of outpatient and inpatient treatments programs to people dealing with depression and other psychological issues. Our top-class rehab facility not only focuses on diagnosis and treatment for psychiatric ailments but also treats other underlying issues. Depression and anxiety are just like any other problems that may happen to us. Take it normally and get our timely professional assistance. Reach us on our 24/7 helpline – 9289086193 to get more information about our mental health treatments. You can also avail our chat option with our admission consultants to get detailed information.