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Healing OCD: Where to avail best OCD treatment in India, medication and cost

It’s common for people to experience that something is not perfect in the environment, but if such a thought becomes an obsession or intrusive enough to cause distress, then it qualifies for OCD. In India, the lifetime prevalence of this disorder is around 2-3%, and affects men and women equally. It can occur at any age but usually starts at around the age of 20.  Many doctors in Gurugram, in Haryana, are seeing a significant rise in OCD patients. Around 50% of the new cases are reported in children in the age bracket of eight to 12 years. Patients are experiencing intrusive and distressing recurring thoughts due to the pandemic.

Dr. Preeti Singh, senior clinical psychologist, and psychotherapist in Paras Hospitals, Gurugram, has seen some worst symptoms in adults during the lockdown and unlock phases. But, what baffles them is the growing trend of OCD among children. They haven’t seen an 8-year-old child suffering from OCD earlier. The pandemic and its restrictions have made people more prone to this mental disorder and aggravating their conditions. There’s a need for treatment to bring more successful outcomes with early intervention and appropriate care.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an uptick in cases of OCD as challenges for people suffering from OCD have grown manifold. Dr. Akshay Budhraja, Senior Pulmonologist at Aakash Healthcare, New Delhi, said people around 35 years and above are more prone to obsessive disorders as they are precisely following the hygiene guidelines to combat the risk of infection. They are stressed because of their obsessive behavior. This is the reason why they have decided to seek professional help.

Overcome OCD with the following treatment interventions:

The treatment for OCD starts by addressing non-OCD symptoms, which otherwise reduce a patient’s ability to fight. It may include stress, anxiety, or depression. But, there is hope for people struggling with OCD through timely and effective treatment. Many people have seen significant improvement who put in their required effort. The results are even better when treatment is sought at the best rehabilitation centers in India. In these centers, there are experienced doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and other medical professionals who work together to create individualized treatment for the patients.

Dealing with OCD can be difficult, but there is good news. There has been considerable progress in the treatment of OCD in India. This starts with dealing with other issues like stress or depression that make OCD harder to fight. Getting help early and sticking to a plan can make a difference. Many people have become much better by working out. And the best part? Top-notch rehab centers in India have teams of caring experts – doctors, therapists, and nurses dedicated to tailoring your treatment. So, there is a lot of hope for anyone struggling with OCD.

Here are some of the best OCD treatments available in India:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):

    This therapy works effectively in treating symptoms of OCD, with or without medication that focuses on identifying and changing unhealthy or unrealistic thought patterns. OCD patients are familiar with this cycle.

Newer types of CBT treatment include acceptance and commitment therapy helping patients to look at thoughts and feelings as temporary experiences that don’t need to be controlled. Even online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs can be as effective for some people just like in-person therapy programs.

  • Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP):

    It addresses the underlying fears of both obsessions and compulsions where the therapists educate the patients about OCD and equip them with skills to reduce it. With this treatment, patients can identify the situations and events that trigger obsessive thoughts and anxiety. Once the triggers are identified, the therapist ranks them according to how upsetting they are to the patient. Gradually, it allows people to face their fears. ERP therapy is an effective method that breaks the connection between obsessive thoughts and compulsions.

  • OCD treatment in India often includes exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), which is a supportive approach. In this treatment, therapists help patients understand their fears about obsessive thoughts and compulsions, teaching them skills to manage them. Patients learn to recognize triggers and rank them based on how bothersome they are. ERP gradually enables individuals to face their fears, breaking the connection between obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. This is a proven and effective method for OCD treatment in India.


Once the patient is diagnosed with OCD, medications are also prescribed to manage irreversible symptoms. But, it takes time to work effectively—in most cases, for a year or more. Receiving treatment from top rehabs is always the best and safest option. They are well-conversed with the kind of medication and doses that will work best to counter a patient’s condition.

Cost of OCD Treatment

While other therapies are usually completed in 8-12 weeks, treating OCD takes time. Time often translates into cost when it comes to healthcare. If the person doesn’t have access to healthcare coverage, he/she must look for accessible rehab centers that come under income level or offer a sliding fee scale to patients. However, routine counseling sessions for OCD treatment are not that costly.

Get the best OCD treatment in India

OCD often goes untreated because people think it is normal. The fact is- it’s not. The consequences of not seeking treatment may prove costly over time.  People don’t have to deal with symptoms of OCD on their own. A good rehab center can be a transformative and empowering source in their lives.


Can OCD be cured permanently?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic condition without a permanent cure. Treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medications can effectively manage symptoms, but people with OCD usually require lifelong management.

What are some treatments for OCD?

Treatment of OCD includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), especially exposure and response prevention (ERP), and medications such as SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants. Lifestyle changes and support groups are also beneficial.

Can you completely recover from OCD?

It is possible to completely recover from OCD, especially in children and young adults, with 40% making a full recovery by adulthood. Treatment usually involves therapy, medication, and support, leading to marked improvement or complete resolution in many cases.

How do I stop OCD thoughts?

To manage OCD thoughts, practice mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. Seek professional therapy such as ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) and consider medication if necessary. Remember, suppressing thoughts can make them worse.

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