Mental Health

Less than 50 percent young in India prefer seeking help for mental health issues

A survey conducted by UNICEF in 21 countries revealed that only 41% of young Indians believed in approaching any intervention program for their mental health problems, whereas, the average among the other nations was 83. There are already so many taboos and social stigmas in Indian society, not seeking help for mental health issues is…

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Can attachment lead to panic disorder in a relationship?

Every romantic relationship is based on trust, love and compassion. But its takes a wrong turn when one of the partners exhibits an overbearing or demanding behavior, forcing the other partner to adopt avoidance and withdrawal behavior. This can trigger risk of attachment panic. The kind of panic you face when your partner does not…

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Intrusive thoughts and false memory OCD

It is often perceived that people with an obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD have a bad memory. However, it is not true and doesn’t have to be, always. What we mean by false Memory OCD is recollecting a past event in a completely different way from how it unfurled. It is a cluster of OCD…

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Autism diagnosis later in life associated with worse mental health, finds new study

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an umbrella term for a group of developmental disorders in an individual. These are neurological problems that bring about social, communicational, and behavioral challenges for people with ASD. It is also the third most developmental disorder in people. A few primary characteristics of autism are impaired social interaction…

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Clingy behavior of your child could be separation anxiety disorder

Separation anxiety disorder is when a child becomes excessively anxious when separated from its parents. However, it is quite natural for young children to feel anxious, become clingy, throw tantrums and cry when separated from parents. Separation anxiety is considered to a normal developmental phase for infants and toddlers. Although young children often experience a…

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