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How trauma centers in India can help kids overcome trauma

Studies have shown that repeated traumatic events can severely impair the development of kids. It can lead to behavioral problems in the future and also contribute to physical and mental health problems in them. 80% of a child’s brain develops within first three years, and research says that early childhood trauma till six years creates a lasting effect on a child’s psyche. Imagine the amount of suffering children go through in their early years while facing vulnerable situations. The main causes of trauma include dysfunctional family life, domestic violence, verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, bullying, and neglect by loved ones.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, it is even harder for both, adults and children to maintain a balanced mental state. Adults across the world, including India, are facing a four-fold increase in anxiety and depressive symptoms. The high rates of emotional distress leading to increased substance misuse, suicidal thoughts, and behaviors are reported in adolescents and young adults in the age group of 18 to 25. Along with the health threat and trauma that the pandemic has brought about, it has also created damaging effects on children’s mental health disrupting their daily life. Children are now bereft of everyday activities like going to school daily, visiting playgrounds, participating in hobbies, and mingling with peers. These activities that children participate in on a daily basis help them build their character and  play an important part in maintaining their emotional health and bringing stability in a child’s development. This turmoil is negatively impacting their overall well-being.

The situation in India is grimmer. We are among the nations with highest rates of child abuse, depression, and suicide in the world, which is a huge concern. Usually, resilient children bounce back from traumas easily. They don’t see themselves as victims. However, those with low resilience should be given strong, supportive treatment and care as they tend to surrender to the situations easily. Timely treatment is important in both cases.

How can trauma centers in India help?

It is important to understand how traumatic events affect children. This is possible with early diagnosis and taking immediate steps to help them overcome it. Approaching a treatment centre will help parents or close ones to understand the reasons for certain behaviors and emotions in their children and how to cope with them. Not all children can handle traumatic stress. With proper support and evidence-based trauma treatment, they will be able to adapt and overcome such experiences. The recovery starts with the trauma centers as they provide effective therapies to children. Trauma centres generally have the following treatment procedures:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT

It’s a short-term and goal-oriented therapy that helps in recognizing one’s way of thinking. This therapy positively changes the thinking or behavior pattern of the affected children by focusing on their thoughts, mental images and beliefs. It includes cognitive restructuring—that helps the children to make sense of bad experiences— and exposure therapy that helps children to handle their fears.

  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapies
    1. Individual therapy: The kids are engaged in a self-reflective process of their emotions and behaviors. This therapy is about a one-to-one relationship with the therapist. Here, the child can openly address his/her traumatic experiences.
    1. Group therapy: It includes dynamic interaction of children among members of the group. The main aim is to help them understand how they are perceived and how their behavior affects other members while learning from others’ feedback.
    1. Family therapy: This therapy is usually provided by a psychologist, clinical social worker, or licensed therapist, and with their assistance, the child puts his/her negative experiences in front of the family members.
Give your child the required help on time!

It’s the responsibility of family members to look after their children and ensure that things are smooth sailing. Today’s complex and uncertain environment is creating challenges for a child’s delicate mind.

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