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Want to Understand the Process of Medical Detox for Alcohol?

According to a recent government report substance abuse has a high prevalence rate in India. A minimum of 57 million Indians (5.2 percent of the population) rely on alcohol and require treatment. The report also estimated that 7.2 million Indians need treatment for marijuana addiction, 6 million for opioid addiction, and another 4 million for addiction to cocaine, sedatives, inhalants, hallucinogens and amphetamine-type stimulants. Owing to the prevalent economic circumstances because of the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol abuse is rising in India and needs to be tackled as fast as possible.

Our country has about 160 million alcohol users. This implies that every third Indian is abusing alcohol. About 5.2 percent of our population needs treatment for alcohol dependence. If the gender dynamics of alcohol consumption are considered, there is a clear division which says that around 27.3 percent of men and 1.6 percent of women are estimated to be alcohol users. The most alarming part is that a minimum of 4.6 lakh children need treatment for their inhalant and sedative dependencies.

Withdrawal symptoms observed during absence of alcohol

The pandemic has worsened the situation. An article published in the Times of India, mentioned that rising cases of withdrawal symptoms were observed in people due to the non-availability of alcohol in the local markets. The withdrawal symptoms included seizures, epilepsy, being anti-social, self-harm, and others. In severe cases, patients developed suicidal tendencies.

According to experts, de-addiction centers in India are important to treat such severe symptoms. A 2018 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that approximately 2.6 lakh deaths in India can be directly or indirectly attributed to excessive alcohol consumption. Healthcare professionals are also worried regarding the impact of alcohol abuse on families. There have been cases of domestic violence because of withdrawal symptoms in people.

Recover with medical detox for Alcohol

Medical detox helps patients overcome alcohol abuse by mitigating the withdrawal symptoms if not eliminating them. It is a natural process that cleanses the system of waste products and toxins from excessive, long-term alcohol consumption. The whole process includes administration of certain medications managed by experienced medical supervisors. People need to understand the detoxification is not the treatment itself, but it is the first step to treatment that prepares the body for the next therapies. Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to intolerance and biological changes. Therefore, preparing the body becomes necessary.

The process of medical detox for alcohol

Medical detox usually lasts for 10 days. It may last longer depending on the severity and duration of use. A detoxification schedule usually comprises behavioral treatments, alternative therapies, and medication management. The detox process mainly involves three steps:

  • Intake: In this step, the team of medical professionals performs a comprehensive review of the drug, medical, and psychiatric history of the patient to understand their situation.
  • Medication: This process involves administration of medications that work to prevent withdrawal symptoms. It may also target co-occurring disorders or general discomfort in the patients.
  • Stabilization: Medical and psychological therapies are provided to help the patients reach a positive state of mind and body.

Detox overcomes alcohol addiction by clearing the mind and healing the body. Being the first step, it allows patients to pursue full treatment.

Reach out for professional help

The sooner people reach out for professional help, the higher are the chances of successful recovery. Athena Behavioral Health, one of the best de-addiction centers in India, helps patients lead an addiction-free life.

Going cold turkey is not the way to overcome one’s alcohol addiction. One should undergo proper treatment to ensure long-term recovery and minimum chances of relapse. We, at Athena, ensure that your journey to being sober is smooth and less painful with our medical detox program for alcohol.

For more information about our alcohol detox program, call our 24/7 helpline 9289086193 and speak to a representative. Alternatively, you can also chat online with our team of professionals to know more about our alcohol treatment services. Come to Athena if you are thinking of detox.