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How to help young minds fight off Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders found in people, especially teenagers. As per studies, nearly one in three adolescents experiences it during their teen years whereas around seven percent of children suffer from it at any given period. Even in India, anxiety is a widely prevalent mental health disorder among the population, especially children. According to a study, 14.5 percent of Indian adolescents suffer from anxiety.

The main reason contributing to a surge in anxiety among youngsters is high parental expectations and peer pressure to achieve the best in their careers. However, a host of other reasons also cause anxiety in youngsters including:

  • Difficulty in coping with studies
  • Body image concerns
  • Smaller social circle
  • Lack of bonding with parents
  • Inappropriate treatment from siblings
Learning to regulate emotions holds the key

Several studies, conducted to understand the brain markers for childhood anxiety reveals that minds with low cognitive control are more prone to develop anxiety later on. While cognitively stronger minds with a higher capacity are less prone to develop anxiety.

Though it may seem far-fetched, new research suggests that training children to manage their emotions from early years might help in preventing anxiety in their lives later on. If cognitive control is taught, it could treat anxiety in young people and prevent the condition from getting worse with time. Inability to deal with this issue at a young age can lead to future trouble like social anxiety, phobias, or obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD).

Reversing the Damage through Anxiety Treatment Programs

A recent report states that childhood anxiety disorders lead to a “cascade of psychopathology”. The adverse long-term psychopathological outcomes cause functional impairment. A timely diagnosis and comprehensive anxiety treatment programs are vital to relieving emotional suffering, protecting physical well-being and mitigate the aftereffects of anxiety disorders.

Struggling with anxiety has a significant impact on a person’s everyday life. While the situation cannot be avoided it can be treated for sure.  It’s important to take control over it by learning how to manage stress and prevent or reverse the effects of this common mental health disorder. A timely treatment plays a crucial part in ensuring a healthy mind and body as it alleviates the existing ailments and leaves no scope for any future damage.  Once people start experiencing the change with the treatment, the motivation automatically comes from within to continue with the rest of the journey. Staying with the therapy is very important for a long-term recovery from anxiety disorder.

Moreover, these treatment interventions also help to identify other underlying conditions that may be contributing to the anxiety disorder symptoms. An effective evaluation starts with knowing the patient’s medical history along with conducting a physical examination, if no other medical illnesses can be detected. This is where a mental health professional comes into the picture. They are experts who conduct specially designed interviews and use assessment tools to evaluate a person to provide a diagnosis.

Keeping in mind the unique conditions of the patient, the mental health expert designs a treatment plan that suits the requirements and needs of the patient.

Get help at the earliest

One of the best ways to achieve complete and lasting recovery from any mental health condition like anxiety disorder is to approach treatment at the earliest. It not only prevents the symptoms from exacerbating but also eases the intervention process. 

Athena is one of the top mental rehabilitation centres in India, which provides evidence-based treatment to patients grappling with anxiety disorders based upon their symptoms and diagnosis.

Young individuals facing anxiety disorders in their everyday life are in a constant state of fear and worry. Timely diagnosis and comprehensive treatment at Athena will help them manage their feelings so that they can lead a normal and productive life.

We design our treatment programs to suit every individual case, hastening the recovery process of our patients. We offer comprehensive treatment plans for anxiety disorders that involve a holistic combination of medications and psychotherapy or both. Psychotherapy includes several other therapies to help the patients recover more holistically. If you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety disorder, get in touch with Athena to avail our evidence-based treatment. Visit our website for more details and contact us on our 24/7 helpline number – 9289086193 for immediate information regarding the various treatment modalities.