Women are more vulnerable to drug addiction than men

We have typecast men for drug and alcohol dependency, and over decades men were the only participants for all addiction-related case studies. However, all the medical biases have been negated and women are now included in such studies. The results showed numerous differences in alcohol and drug dependency for both men and women. The striking…

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Excessive internet use may lead to psychological stress among adolescents, suggests study

Problematic Internet use (PIU) is on the rise among adolescents and young adults, which is taking a toll on their mental health, suggested a new study by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). PIU refers to the different repetitive impairing behaviors involving the use of Internet, such as online streaming, buying,…

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Kids binging on online gaming during covid-19 pandemic is a huge concern

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world drastically. Not only it had devastating effects on health, taking away millions of lives all around the world, but also significantly changed the lifestyle of people. People are forced to live in isolation and practice social distancing. It significantly affected people’s social life as well as their finances. It…

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Why should addiction treatment include family therapy for alcoholism?

When someone becomes the victim of addiction, it not only impacts the person but the entire family. Modern psychological studies have emphasized on providing help to people struggling with addiction through family therapy. This is because their families have also experienced distress in response to the suffering of their loved ones. An addiction in the…

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Does relapsing signify failure? How effective is a relapse prevention therapy?

Sometimes you have to take a step behind to emerge stronger. Similarly, weaning off drugs and attaining long-term recovery is an uphill task. It is a life-transforming process. But people have to brace for relapses while trudging on the path to sobriety. It is wrong for people to consider relapse as a sign of failure….

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