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Weaning off drugs may be hard, but not farfetched with drug rehabilitation centers in India

In 2019, Indian anti-drugs agencies had seized over 3,000 kg of heroin and 4,400 kg of opium. However, this humongous confiscation is just a fraction. This is around 5-8% of the supply and consumption of narcotics in India.

Long-term use of these illicit substances not just hampers the life of the victim but also of the closed ones. Taking drugs may seem euphoric in the beginning but later on consequences become dreadful. The pandemic has also propelled drug abuse manifold as people are looking to find some relief in these uncertain times. While continuous efforts are being made by the NCB to stop the accessibility of drugs and other life-threatening substances to people, it’s more important to thwart dependency through effective treatment.

The year 2020 witnessed a huge rise in drug consumption. It is verified by various drug enforcement agencies, especially by the NCB Patna zonal unit. It’s high time that our country needs to be rescued from this emerging trend.

The best de-addiction centers in India have to come forward to contribute to the cause. To make it happen, people need to understand that getting addicted to drugs is not a sign of weakness. It takes a lot of willpower to overcome the problem. Recovery is always possible, no matter how hopeless a situation seems or how many times relapse have become a hurdle. With the right treatment and other needed facilities, positive life changes will always come.

Recovery is possible with drug rehabilitation centers in India

What people need to know is that the first step towards recovery will always be the difficult one which includes confronting the situation without confidence and deciding to tackle it with the best treatment. Once this step is crossed, the remaining journey becomes comparatively easy. It’s okay to feel unease about giving up drugs, despite being fully aware that it’s causing problems in everyday life. Recovery often demands time, motivation, and support. But if the commitment to change is made, anyone can overcome their addiction and regain control over their lives.

Drug rehabilitation centers in India can help people overcome drug abuse and its dilemmas. They treat patients successfully with their tailored drug addiction treatment procedures, which is a perfect amalgamation of detox programs, medications, and psychotherapies. The effects of drug addiction on the brain can be long-lasting. But, many of these recovery programs deliver easy and holistic recovery of patients. The treatment for every patient varies depending on the situation, health, and consumption patterns of each individual. Professional health experts know what is better for their patients in terms of treatment. The same is reflected in their process. It’s better to seek professional medical services instead of looking for self-medications. Self-medication to detox can be ominous for a patient as it could lead to unanticipated complications. It is always advisable to go for drug rehabilitation under the supervision of a health professional.

Reclaim your life with the right treatment

Athena provides evidence-based and holistic treatment modalities to enable people to overcome all substance use disorders. Remember, getting help for drug use also starts with choosing the right platform that makes every possible effort to bring life back to normal.

Being one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in India, we are driven by our passion and motto of complete and long-term recovery of our patients. From delivering a specialized drug detox treatment to a broad range of cognitive and alternative therapies, we increase the chances for patients to connect with our treatment plans so that they can meet their real selves at the end.

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