Treatment at Athena is Unique for Each Patient
Often rehab centers offer stereotype treatment plans that do not suit you.

An ideal treatment plan is tailored to address every individual patient’s mental health, drug and alcohol use, including triggers that might cause a relapse. If you want your recovery to last long, you need a treatment that is personalized to suit you. And this is what Athena specializes in. Here are a few reasons why:

We use screening software to assess your condition and develop your treatment plan making it truly comprehensive for your unique requirement.

Our proficient staff has put in their years of experience to develop two unique evidence-based assessment and screening software tools called C.O.M.P.A.S.S. and COGTEST. These assessment software scales are used for psychological testing, which includes:

  • Examining the existence or absence of common mental health disorders
  • Confirming a mental health diagnosis
  • Calculating severity of symptoms, and
  • Monitoring patient response during the treatment

Walk with Confidence

You are filled with confidence and become equipped with the right tools to effectively handle whatever life throws at you.

Our personalized treatment methodology helps to successfully manage your mental health and substance use symptoms and disorders. To achieve this, our therapists work relentlessly with you to reach and unlock those areas of your mind that you did not even know existed. For this, they use therapeutic tools like CBT, the 12 Step Program, SMART Recovery Program, medication management, and alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, and art, among others.


Your family is emotionally prepared to navigate through your condition and to strengthen your recovery and hasten the healing process.

Families have the potential to boost and sustain your recovery for a longer period. Our licensed therapists actively involve your loved ones in your treatment right from assessment to discharge. This is done through regularly held family sessions to ensure that they understand the situation and know how to handle it in the future. Our case managers act as the ‘bridge’ between the family and the patient. They keep the family informed about the patient's progress.


You have our total support to stay healthy and sober even after you complete your treatment program with us.

Your treatment does not end when you leave Athena. Even at home, you have complete access to free online group therapy sessions, an alumni network, a mentor, and the option of attending continuing care with us. Further, YoTalks, our indigenous online platform, allows you to connect with credible and experienced psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists from all over India. With us, you will discover that language is no constraint. Our network is manned by experts who speak your language so that you can talk freely with them from your home, office, or wherever you want to.

All in all, we work optimally to provide you with scientifically-backed treatment modalities that suit your requirements and needs, giving you the confidence to handle things on your own, while involving your family and holding your hand even after you leave us and transition back into the society.

So, are you ready to regain control over your life?