Taking the decision to seek treatment is the first step towards recovery. However, going for treatment in an international location can be stressful. Here, in an attempt to simplify the process, we have listed the main points of the admission process, to enable you to understand what we expect from you as a patient and what you can expect from us.

You can call our 24×7 helpline 9289086193. Believe us we know how to take care of those who need our help.
  • After your initial guidance call, you will receive a second call from one of our counsellors to help us understand your personal, medical and mental/substance abuse history in more detail.
  • This call will help our counsellors begin to develop an appropriate treatment programme suited to your individual needs.
  • The patient will have an introductory session with their treatment team. The team will explain the treatment plan to them and clear any doubts that they or their family members may have.
  • We advise you to disclose any medical conditions at the outset of our discussion. Further, we suggest that you submit all current medical reports in advance of your arrival to allow our staff enough time to prepare for your stay.
  • We recommend that you get the RTPCR test done and submit the negative report (not older than 72 hours) in advance of your arrival at the facility for safety reasons.
  • When you arrive at Athena, a comprehensive health check up will be conducted at the facility.

What to Pack

There are certain items that you should ensure that you bring to Athena with you. These include:

  • At least a month’s supply of all prescribed medicines
  • Contact details of your physician and key individuals
  • Gym clothes
  • Regular clothes (1 week’s worth)
  • Winter wear, if arriving during winter (2 sets)
  • Swimwear
  • Extra money to purchase items like snacks, additional toiletries, etc.
  • Walking and running shoes
  • Casual flip flops/sandals
  • Small bag for day trips

Optional items that the patient can bring include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Books
  • Photographs

Please note that our staff will need to confirm that no objectionable items like drugs, alcohol or weapons are being carried.

Airport Transfers

  • Our staff will greet you at the airport and accompany you on the short 30-minute drive to our facility. We offer chauffer-driven luxury cars for these transfers.

Upon Reaching Athena

  • Once you reach the facility, our attentive Clinical Concierge staff welcomes you and helps you get settled in.

Full payment is due before the patient arrives in India. Our Admissions Consultant can help you make the payments through either debit card, credit card, or online transfer. If there is another preferred mode of payment, feel free to talk with our Admissions Consultant.