Arrival at Athena

Arrival and Intake Process

Once the patient arrives at the facility on the previously agreed date, the first thing they do is make a Safe Call to their loved ones telling them that they have arrived safely.

Irrespective of the time the patient arrives at the facility, they need to undergo a physical assessment, in which their vitals like blood pressure, weight, and oxygen saturation, are noted. After that, the belongings of the patient are checked for the presence of any drugs.

If the patient is carrying any medicines prescribed by their doctors, like for hypertension or thyroid, they hand these over to the staff. It would be the duty of the staff to give the medicines to the patients on a timely basis from now onwards.

Post the physical assessment, the patient fills in the consent forms, which would include treatment and financial consent forms.

Introduction to Team

Post the completion of the paper formalities, the client is introduced to their Case Manager. The Case Manager gives the client a tour of the facility while explaining the treatment protocol to them. They also hand over the daily activity schedule, daily utility hamper, and a brochure of Athena, for the client’s reference. After answering all the queries of the client, they would schedule a nursing and psychiatric assessment with the client.

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