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Gyandeep Mishra

Senior Psychologist

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A spiritual psychologist, yoga trainer, and life coach, Gyandeep Mishra has joined Athena Behavioral Health as a psychologist. Backed by a valuable experience of 15 years of working with addictive and psychiatric patients, he helps his patients discover the best ways of dealing with behavioral issues, distorted thoughts, addictive thinking, and low self-esteem.

He  has submitted his dissertation work on “The effect of Yogic Pranic Healing (Prana Therapy) on Blood Pressure and Alpha E.E.G.” To broaden his understanding on mental health, he has also submitted projects on “The Effect of Nada Yoga on level of Anxiety” and “A comparative study of self confidence level between Hostellers and Non-hostellers.” Apart from these, he has also presented two papers in International Conference on Mental Health Awareness, Indore (M.P), and one paper in Music Therapy Conference, New Delhi.

Gyandeep can be trusted for providing counselling sessions and group counselling sessions for adult and adolescent psychological issues; consulting OPD patients using psycho-spiritual counseling & hypnotherapy; and delivering individual & group yoga sessions to the patients. He is also skilled at conducting mental health awareness and soft skills training programs for adolescents and adult male/female population.

An active participant of games and cultural programs at university level, Gyandeep Mishra is actively involved in various spiritual and social activities even today.