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Deepika Sharma

RCI-Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Deepika Sharma is an accomplished Clinical Psychologist who has recently joined the Athena team, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization.

With a strong educational background, Deepika earned her Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology from SGT University in Gurugram, Haryana, India, specializing in Clinical Psychology. She continued her pursuit of knowledge and honed her counseling skills by obtaining a Certificate in Guidance from Indira Gandhi National Open University in New Delhi. Deepika also holds an M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in Haridwar, India, where she majored in Clinical Psychology with minors in Yogic Sciences. Her academic journey began with a B.Sc. in Psychology, also from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya.

Deepika’s clinical training has been extensive and diverse. She served as a Professional Trainee in Clinical Psychology at SGT Hospital in Gurugram, where she gained expertise in psycho-diagnostic assessment, cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapy, and IQ testing. Additionally, she completed advanced clinical psychology training at Marengo QRG Hospital in Faridabad, focusing on assessment and psychotherapy. Her dedication to improving mental health led her to clinical psychology internships at both Marengo QRG Hospital and Karunanilayam, a psychiatric day care center in Lucknow, where she focused on child mental health issues, substance abuse, and basic intervention skills.

Deepika’s commitment to her field is further evidenced by her numerous certifications, including those in Rorschach Inkblot and Intelligence Test, Autism – Diagnosis and Treatment Approaches, and Cognitive Neuropsychology, to name a few.

Beyond her impressive academic and clinical accomplishments, Deepika possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, observation capabilities, and problem-solving abilities. Her proficiency in patient assessment, therapeutic intervention, and empathy make her a compassionate and effective Clinical Psychologist.

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