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Siddharth Sharma

Expressive Art Therapist

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Siddharth Sharma is a dedicated counseling psychologist and expressive arts therapist who brings over 1 year of valuable experience in counseling, project management, and event coordination. With a passion for using expressive arts as a therapeutic tool, Siddharth has recently joined Athena as an Expressive Art Therapist, aiming to contribute his expertise and continue his personal and professional growth journey.

His most recent role as a Consultant Psychologist at Tata 1mg in Gurgaon showcases Siddharth’s commitment to holistic healing. He adeptly provided individual and group counseling to cancer patients and caregivers, offering specialized skills in psychosocial and existential counseling. Alongside his counseling responsibilities, Siddharth played a pivotal role in data auditing and pharmacovigilance, further enhancing his versatility in the field.

Siddharth’s prior role at Zentered Minds as an Associate Counseling Psychologist and Executive Operations and Management showcased his ability to multitask and excel in various areas. From conducting preliminary counseling sessions and organizing training workshops to creating impactful content for social media, proposals, and emails, Siddharth consistently demonstrated his creativity, adaptability, and strong organizational skills.

In his dynamic role at Life Bubble Inc., Siddharth led the Operations Team and actively contributed to social media management, event ideation, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. His ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with finesse underscores his proficiency in project management and operations.

Siddharth’s educational background is equally impressive, having completed a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, Noida, where he achieved a CGPA of 7.10. His academic journey also includes a Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology, successfully graduating under the dual-degree program.

With a rich array of skills including effective communication, time management, project coordination, and proficiency in MS-Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Siddharth possesses a unique blend of talents that set him apart. His prowess in creative writing, demonstrated through content creation and blog editing, highlights his ability to engage and connect with diverse audiences.

Siddharth’s dedication to his field is underscored by his participation in the Creative Movement Therapist-I certification program, where he collaborated with panel members and facilitators to refine his therapeutic approaches. His commitment to constant growth and learning is evident in every aspect of his professional journey.