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Shivangi Rajawat


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Shivangi Rajawat completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, Noida. She is also trained in administering DBT and handling relationship issues and couples counselling. Having worked with multiple mental wellness centers in Gurugram and Delhi, Rajawat knows how to work with mental health patients of all ages and various psychological conditions.

She is an expert in eliciting patient information and is adept at identifying behavioral patterns in mental health patients. Such keen observations help her to diagnose the patients accurately and plan their treatment accordingly.

When not working with her patients, Rajawat enjoys gardening, watching movies, and playing with her pet dog. Rajawat believes that staying strong and positive can help a person overcome all obstacles.

Shivangi’s professional journey has taken her through multiple mental wellness centers in Gurugram and Delhi, where she has gained valuable experience working with patients of all ages and with diverse psychological conditions. Her experience allows her to understand and address the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals with various mental health issues.

Her strength as a clinical psychologist lies in her ability to elicit patient information effectively and to keenly observe and identify behavioral patterns in mental health patients. This skill is crucial in accurately diagnosing patients and tailoring their treatment plans to suit their specific needs.

Outside of her professional life, Shivangi Rajawat has diverse interests. She enjoys activities such as gardening, watching movies, and spending quality time with her pet dog. These hobbies reflect her commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which is essential in the field of mental health where practitioners often deal with emotionally demanding situations.

Shivangi’s philosophy of staying strong and positive in the face of obstacles aligns with her role as a mental health professional. This mindset not only benefits her personally but also serves as an example to her patients, as resilience and a positive outlook can be powerful tools in the journey toward improved mental well-being.