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Priyanshu Kunwar


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Priyanshu Kunwar is a dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of neuropsychology and mental health wellness, currently serving as a Case Manager at Athena Behavioral Health. With a strong academic foundation, Priyanshu holds an MSc in Clinical Psychology from Amity University Haryana, where he achieved a commendable CGPA of 8.62. He also earned a BSc (H) in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology from Amity University Noida.

Priyanshu commitment to mental health is evident from his diverse internship experiences. He interned at The Soulful Mind, Citizen Hospital & De-Addiction Centre, The Earth Saviours Foundation, and I Speak Social Services. These roles allowed him to gain practical insights into various aspects of mental health and wellness, ranging from addiction treatment to social services.

In addition to his internships, Priyanshu has actively engaged in research projects such as the “Neuroendocrine Correlates of Sleep/Wakefulness” and a review paper on the “Clinical Implementation of AI in Mental Health.” His academic prowess is complemented by certifications in areas like the social context of mental illness, disability awareness, and resilience in children exposed to trauma.

Priyanshu is multilingual, with proficiency in English, Hindi, Japanese, and Russian, which enhances his ability to connect with a diverse clientele. His technical skills in data analysis, data collection, MS Excel, and statistical analysis further bolster his capability to contribute effectively to his role.

Apart from his professional and academic pursuits, Priyanshu is an active participant in extra-curricular activities, including attending workshops on Ace Trading and Dance Therapy. He also enjoys callisthenics and playing chess.

Priyanshu career objective is to secure a role in neuropsychology and mental health wellness, leveraging his skills to foster personal and career growth while making a meaningful impact on the organization. His dedication to advancing the mission and objectives of Athena Behavioral Health is unwavering, and he strives to play a distinctive role in its success.