Prerna Sethi Mishra - Athena Behavioral Health

Prerna Sethi Mishra

Center Head - Luxus
Clinical Psychologist (RCI)

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Prerna Sethi Mishra is a highly qualified and compassionate professional who has recently taken on the role of Center Head – Luxus at Athena Behavioral Health. With a background in clinical psychology and expressive arts therapy, Prerna brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position.

As a registered Clinical Psychologist, Prerna is well-prepared to assist individuals facing mental health challenges and substance dependence. She’s received specialized training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from Beck’s Institute and Child and Adolescent Mental Health from Children’s First, further strengthening her credentials as a mental health expert.

What sets Prerna apart is her genuine commitment to understanding the difficulties individuals encounter in these situations. She recognizes the paramount importance of offering patients a secure space to voice their thoughts and emotions, serving as the bedrock for tailored treatment plans. This empathetic approach is a game-changer in the realm of mental health, building trust and collaboration between patients and their therapists.

Prerna’s career journey is a testament to her diverse experiences. She’s worked as a consultant Clinical Psychologist at UVI Health and as a counseling psychologist and Expressive Arts Based Therapist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute. Her brief role as a School Counselor at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi, underscores her dedication to supporting the emotional well-being of young individuals.

Prerna Sethi Mishra’s diverse background and empathetic approach make her an invaluable addition to the team at Athena Behavioral Health. Her ability to connect with and support individuals grappling with mental health and substance dependence ensures that her patients receive the care and understanding necessary to embark on their path to recovery.

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