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Prabhjeet Kaur

Special Educator

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Prabhjeet Kaur is a passionate and dedicated special education teacher with a Master’s in Applied Psychology from Amity University. She is currently upskilling herself by pursuing a course in Facilitated Communication – Special Education from Uttarakhand Open University.

Prabhjeet has worked with prestigious organizations like Kunskapsskolan Gurugram and Mom’s Belief, where she has gained extensive experience in designing individual educational plans (IEPs) and implementing creative play strategies for children with special needs.

She is an expert in attention-keeping strategies and is also adept at conducting story-telling, handwriting, and expressive language sessions. Prabhjeet believes that all children can reach their full potential, and she is committed to providing her students with the individualized support they need to succeed.

Here are some examples of how Prabhjeet implements creative play strategies in her classroom:

Storytelling: Prabhjeet uses storytelling to engage her students’ imaginations and help them develop their language skills. She often creates stories that incorporate her students’ interests and experiences, and she encourages them to participate in the storytelling process by adding their own ideas and suggestions.

Handwriting: Prabhjeet makes handwriting fun and engaging for her students by using a variety of creative activities and materials. For example, she may have her students write stories or poems on sand trays, or she may use different types of paint and markers to create unique handwriting projects.

Expressive language: Prabhjeet provides her students with opportunities to express themselves creatively through art, music, and movement. She also encourages them to share their thoughts and feelings through conversations and group discussions.

Here are some examples of how Prabhjeet assesses her students’ skills and plans and administers customized development plans:

Initial assessment: When Prabhjeet first meets a new student, she conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses. She uses this information to develop an individualized educational plan (IEP) that is tailored to the student’s specific needs.