Parenting Workshop at Asiad Village, Delhi

Parents hold a special position in a child’s world. A child would constantly look up to their parent for guidance and support for future success. Parents are also in a position where everything they do tends to influence the child. In such a scenario, parents need to be careful about what they do and how they do as children usually emulate them. This is one area where parents need help to develop tools and tricks that guide them to take the best decisions in a scenario.

Keeping this challenge in mind, Athena OKAS offered a Positive Parenting Workshop to help parents learn and develop skills that help with better parenting. The workshop was held at Asiad Village, Delhi on April 16, 2023. The session was conducted by Purnima Chauhan, RCI-Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Kanika Nanda, Senior Psychologist, Athena OKAS.

In this one-hour workshop, the psychologist duo of Chauhan and Nanda covered various topics related to parenting. They talked about the different styles of parenting and helped the parents identify their style. After this, the team helped the parents understand the fundamental pillars of positive parenting.

Apart from this, the workshop had a number of fun activities that helped the parents engage with the team and truly understand the reasons behind the common power struggle we see between parents and children. The parents were able to take home effective tips and tricks to help them stay calm and enjoy the joys of parenthood. They also learned healthy coping mechanisms, stress-busting activities and some quick relaxation exercises that would help them tackle difficult parent-child confrontations in the future.