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Yashaswini Bansal

RCI-Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Yashaswini Bansal is a dedicated Clinical Psychologist who has recently joined Athena with a strong commitment to enhancing mental well-being through evidence-based interventions and compassionate care. Her educational journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Medical) from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, where she displayed a strong foundation in the sciences. Her passion for psychology led her to pursue a Master of Science in Applied Psychology at Gautam Buddha University, where she achieved an impressive CGPA of 8.63/10.

Furthering her education and professional qualifications, Yashaswini completed a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology, which is RCI licensed, at IIS University, Jaipur. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) at Mody University, Laxmangarh, demonstrating her commitment to ongoing learning and expertise in the field.

Yashaswini’s dedication to her profession is evident through her extensive training and internships. She gained valuable experience during her time at Gautum Hospital Research Center in Jaipur, where she administered core psychodiagnostics and planned psychosocial interventions for various mental health disorders. She honed her expertise in therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, problem-solving therapy, and Motivational Enhancement Therapy.

Additionally, she completed a Certified Course in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), further expanding her skills and knowledge. Her internships at Shanti Home, Jaypee Hospital, and other institutions allowed her to observe and learn about various mental health disorders and intervention programs.

Yashaswini’s commitment to mental health extends beyond her education and training. She actively participated in Mental Health Awareness Camps and served as a Behavioral Mentor for the Indian Excellence Forum. Her dedication to her profession is demonstrated through her continuous learning and hands-on experience in the field of clinical psychology.

Yashaswini Bansal’s professional journey is defined by her unwavering dedication to improving mental well-being, extensive training, and a commitment to ongoing learning, making her a valuable addition to the Athena team.

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