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Vandita Narula


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Vandita Narula is a dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of clinical psychology, specializing in mental health and behavioral sciences. With a solid educational background, including a Senior Secondary degree from Delhi Public School Gurgaon and an Integrated B.A. & M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Amity University Noida, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a Case Manager/Psychologist at Athena Behavioral Health.

Throughout her academic journey, Vandita has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, graduating with flying colors and consistently excelling in her studies. Her solid foundation in understanding human behavior, coupled with her empathy and emotional intelligence, equips her with the necessary skills to connect with clients on a profound level.

Vandita has honed her abilities in conflict resolution, assessment, and evaluation through both her academic pursuits and practical experiences. Her training in the Rorschach-Exner system, coupled with various workshops and internships, has further enhanced her proficiency in psychological assessment and therapeutic interventions.

Notably, Vandita has also ventured into the realm of social media content creation, leveraging her communication skills and creativity to effectively engage with diverse audiences. Her experience as a social media content creator for Grow and as a campus ambassador for The Holistic Psyche underscores her ability to effectively promote mental health awareness and engage with communities on important issues.

With a diverse range of internship experiences across prestigious institutions such as Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, and Moolchand Hospital, Vandita has gained valuable hands-on experience in providing client-centered care and fostering mental well-being.

As she embarks on her journey at Athena Behavioral Health, Vandita is poised to make significant contributions to the organization’s mission of promoting mental health and well-being. Her passion for helping others, coupled with her extensive knowledge and practical experience, positions her as a valuable asset in providing high-quality care to clients.